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Box Score - Nov 24, 2012

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Game Stats
L. Doty, G0165/14.3574/8.5002/4.50011264075
S. Crafton, -0144/8.5002/3.6674/41.00023500033
B. Kulas, F0104/8.5002/4.5000/0.00022421024
L. Priede, -041/7.1430/3.0002/21.00002210010
L. Smith, -031/3.3330/0.0001/2.50036900014
Game Stats
R. Banham, G0208/14.5710/3.0004/6.66704462031
K. Kellogg, -082/5.4000/0.0004/41.00034701015
M. Riche, F042/7.2860/0.0000/1.00004400161
S. Noga, G031/4.2500/2.0001/2.50004400001
M. Bailey, G000/1.0000/1.0000/3.00006620101
Scoring Plays
1st Period
17:43Two Point Jumper20
17:27Two Point Layup40
16:49Three Point Jumper70
16:06Two Point Jumper72
15:05Two Point Layup92
14:51Two Point Jumper94
14:04Two Point Jumper96
13:53Three Point Jumper126
13:13Two Point Layup146
12:40Two Point Layup148
11:14Free Throw149
10:15Two Point Layup1411
8:21Three Point Jumper1711
7:51Two Point Jumper1911
7:23Two Point Jumper1913
6:43Two Point Layup1915
6:06Two Point Jumper1917
5:40Three Point Jumper2217
5:26Two Point Jumper2219
5:06Two Point Jumper2221
3:45Three Point Jumper2521
1:59Three Point Jumper2821
0:04Free Throw2822
0:04Free Throw2823
2nd Period
18:56Three Point Jumper3123
18:24Two Point Layup3125
16:52Free Throw3225
16:33Free Throw3226
15:27Free Throw3227
15:27Free Throw3228
14:43Two Point Jumper3230
13:56Free Throw3231
13:56Free Throw3232
13:29Two Point Layup3432
11:35Free Throw3433
11:35Free Throw3434
11:03Two Point Layup3436
10:44Free Throw3536
10:44Free Throw3636
10:19Two Point Layup3836
9:50Free Throw3837
9:21Two Point Jumper3839
8:29Two Point Layup3841
8:01Free Throw3941
8:01Free Throw4041
7:53Two Point Jumper4043
7:37Three Point Jumper4343
6:57Free Throw4443
5:55Two Point Jumper4445
5:31Three Point Jumper4745
5:06Two Point Layup4945
4:46Two Point Jumper4947
4:22Two Point Layup5147
4:02Two Point Jumper5149
3:28Free Throw5249
3:27Free Throw5349
3:20Two Point Layup5351
2:47Two Point Jumper5353
1:38Two Point Jumper5355
1:14Free Throw5455
0:50Two Point Jumper5457
0:37Free Throw5458
0:20Free Throw5459