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Box Score - Nov 28, 2012

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Game Stats
H. Mershon, -0198/21.3812/3.6671/2.5002131522141
F. Flanagan, G0114/7.5713/31.0000/0.00001100122
T. Wootton, -094/5.8001/11.0000/0.00002221214
N. Jones, -021/5.2000/0.0000/0.00013410113
M. Creighton, G020/4.0000/3.0002/21.00012320111
Game Stats
T. Mitchell, G0146/12.5002/21.0000/0.00011213023
A. Bruner, -0125/14.3570/0.0002/7.28653824230
A. Welch, F0125/7.7141/11.0001/3.333871500021
I. Walker, -061/10.1001/4.2503/4.75011222122
S. White, -051/7.1431/2.5002/21.00004422403
Scoring Plays
1st Period
17:21Two Point Layup20
16:28Two Point Layup40
16:05Free Throw41
15:24Two Point Jumper61
15:08Three Point Jumper64
13:05Three Point Jumper94
12:30Two Point Jumper96
11:59Two Point Layup116
9:49Two Point Jumper136
9:13Three Point Jumper139
8:51Three Point Jumper169
8:24Three Point Jumper1612
7:22Free Throw1613
7:22Free Throw1614
7:11Two Point Jumper1814
6:57Free Throw1815
6:39Two Point Layup2015
6:23Three Point Jumper2018
5:40Three Point Jumper2318
5:02Three Point Jumper2618
4:03Two Point Jumper2818
3:28Two Point Layup3018
2:12Two Point Jumper3020
1:41Three Point Jumper3320
0:42Two Point Jumper3322
0:24Three Point Jumper3622
2nd Period
19:29Two Point Jumper3624
18:50Two Point Jumper3626
17:41Free Throw3726
17:41Free Throw3826
17:18Two Point Jumper3828
16:24Two Point Jumper4028
14:38Three Point Jumper4031
14:06Free Throw4131
12:53Free Throw4132
12:53Free Throw4133
12:37Two Point Layup4333
11:50Two Point Layup4335
11:47Free Throw4336
11:22Two Point Jumper4536
11:13Two Point Jumper4538
9:04Two Point Jumper4540
8:37Two Point Jumper4740
7:36Two Point Jumper4742
6:57Two Point Layup4744
6:34Three Point Jumper5044
5:39Two Point Tip Shot5046
5:17Two Point Jumper5246
4:10Two Point Layup5248
3:50Free Throw5348
3:25Three Point Jumper5351
2:34Free Throw5352
1:36Two Point Jumper5552
1:03Three Point Jumper5555
3rd Period
3:29Two Point Jumper5557
2:51Free Throw5558