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Box Score - Dec 21, 2012

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Game Stats
T. Knotts, -0145/9.5560/2.0004/41.00012321035
K. Williams, G073/11.2730/3.0001/2.50011201144
F. Goodwin, -052/5.4000/0.0001/4.25024612135
C. Duren, -020/3.0000/1.0002/21.00001131055
B. Cochran, -000/2.0000/1.0000/0.00001121012
Game Stats
T. Mitchell, G0215/11.4552/3.6679/13.692561122031
A. Welch, F0165/6.8330/0.0006/9.667861401020
S. White, -031/6.1671/3.3330/0.00010100023
A. Bruner, -010/5.0000/0.0001/6.16753841210
I. Walker, -000/3.0000/1.0000/0.00010136253
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:10Two Point Jumper20
18:47Two Point Jumper22
18:27Free Throw32
16:30Two Point Jumper52
15:57Two Point Jumper54
13:50Two Point Jumper74
13:28Two Point Jumper76
11:51Three Point Jumper79
11:34Free Throw710
11:29Free Throw711
11:29Free Throw712
11:02Free Throw812
11:02Free Throw912
10:51Two Point Jumper914
8:36Three Point Jumper917
8:13Free Throw1017
8:13Free Throw1117
7:00Two Point Jumper1317
5:34Free Throw1318
5:34Free Throw1319
5:19Two Point Jumper1519
4:30Two Point Jumper1521
4:14Free Throw1621
4:14Free Throw1721
3:48Three Point Jumper1724
3:41Two Point Jumper1924
3:08Free Throw1925
3:08Free Throw1926
2:47Two Point Jumper2126
1:45Two Point Jumper2128
1:24Two Point Jumper2130
1:23Free Throw2131
0:07Two Point Layup2133
2nd Period
18:02Free Throw2134
17:30Two Point Jumper2136
16:33Two Point Jumper2138
15:32Three Point Jumper2141
15:02Two Point Layup2341
13:20Free Throw2441
13:20Free Throw2541
12:50Free Throw2542
12:50Free Throw2543
12:36Free Throw2643
12:36Free Throw2743
12:03Two Point Layup2943
11:42Two Point Jumper2945
11:42Free Throw2946
11:06Free Throw2947
10:11Two Point Jumper2949
8:00Three Point Jumper3249
7:42Free Throw3250
7:42Free Throw3251
7:16Free Throw3252
6:56Two Point Jumper3452
6:38Free Throw3552
6:19Two Point Layup3752
6:06Free Throw3753
6:06Free Throw3754
5:53Two Point Jumper3954
5:01Two Point Layup3956
4:12Free Throw3957
2:35Free Throw4057
2:35Free Throw4157
2:35Free Throw4158
2:35Free Throw4159
2:17Free Throw4160
2:14Free Throw4161
2:14Free Throw4162
1:54Two Point Jumper4362
1:36Free Throw4363
1:16Two Point Jumper4563
0:28Free Throw4564
0:28Free Throw4565