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Box Score - Jan 3, 2013

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Stegeman Coliseum - Athens, GA

Game Stats
B. Kulas, F0144/11.3642/4.5004/41.00025720054
L. Smith, -063/8.3750/0.0000/0.00012300022
S. Crafton, -021/3.3330/0.0000/0.00002210001
L. Doty, G020/4.0000/1.0002/21.00003315073
K. Simmons, G010/2.0000/2.0001/2.50002221020
Game Stats
J. James, -0168/14.5710/1.0000/0.00002236031
K. Miller, G0115/12.4171/7.1430/0.00004420002
S. Barbee, G052/8.2501/4.2500/1.00013422022
J. Hassell, -031/4.2500/0.0001/2.50026810001
A. Armstrong, -020/3.0000/0.0002/21.00040441211
Scoring Plays
1st Period
18:56Three Point Jumper03
17:04Two Point Layup23
17:03Free Throw33
16:23Two Point Jumper35
15:58Two Point Layup37
14:56Three Point Jumper67
14:30Two Point Layup69
14:21Two Point Layup611
14:06Two Point Jumper811
14:06Free Throw911
13:53Two Point Jumper913
13:38Two Point Jumper1113
13:06Three Point Jumper1116
12:01Three Point Jumper1119
11:31Three Point Jumper1122
11:04Two Point Layup1322
10:44Free Throw1323
9:48Two Point Layup1325
9:05Two Point Layup1327
8:28Two Point Jumper1329
8:01Two Point Layup1529
5:50Two Point Layup1531
4:45Free Throw1532
4:45Free Throw1533
4:28Two Point Layup1733
4:00Three Point Jumper1736
3:17Two Point Jumper1738
2:06Two Point Jumper1740
1:43Three Point Jumper2040
1:30Two Point Layup2042
0:19Three Point Jumper2045
0:06Three Point Jumper2345
2nd Period
19:44Two Point Layup2545
18:33Two Point Layup2745
18:06Three Point Jumper3045
17:40Two Point Jumper3047
16:19Two Point Layup3049
15:19Two Point Layup3249
15:08Three Point Jumper3252
14:24Two Point Layup3254
13:48Free Throw3255
13:08Free Throw3355
13:08Free Throw3455
12:55Three Point Jumper3755
12:29Two Point Layup3757
11:44Free Throw3758
11:44Free Throw3759
11:35Two Point Layup3959
11:05Two Point Layup3961
10:12Free Throw3962
10:12Free Throw3963
9:23Two Point Layup4163
8:53Two Point Jumper4165
8:16Two Point Layup4167
7:51Free Throw4267
7:27Two Point Jumper4269
6:54Free Throw4369
6:54Free Throw4469
6:24Free Throw4470
6:24Free Throw4471
6:20Two Point Layup4473
5:45Two Point Jumper4673
4:16Two Point Jumper4675
0:51Two Point Jumper4677