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Box Score - Jan 13, 2013

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Stegeman Coliseum - Athens, GA

Game Stats
A. Welch, F0198/10.8000/0.0003/5.60032511022
I. Walker, -072/11.1820/5.0003/8.37516736052
T. Mitchell, G063/10.3000/2.0000/1.000461021051
A. Bruner, -042/6.3330/0.0000/0.00035811041
S. White, -020/5.0000/2.0002/21.00013413044
Game Stats
J. Hassell, -0198/13.6150/0.0003/4.75022400032
J. James, -083/8.3750/0.0002/4.50005525070
K. Miller, G083/7.4291/2.5001/11.00003330001
S. Barbee, G010/1.0000/0.0001/3.33316721033
A. Armstrong, -000/7.0000/2.0000/0.00000042023
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:45Free Throw10
18:11Two Point Layup30
17:57Two Point Jumper32
17:02Two Point Layup52
16:48Free Throw62
15:59Two Point Jumper82
15:45Two Point Jumper84
15:13Two Point Layup86
14:49Two Point Layup106
14:21Two Point Layup108
13:46Two Point Jumper1010
13:06Two Point Layup1210
11:11Three Point Jumper1213
10:45Two Point Layup1413
10:45Free Throw1513
9:28Free Throw1514
8:17Two Point Jumper1516
7:38Two Point Layup1518
6:26Two Point Jumper1718
5:36Two Point Layup1918
4:58Two Point Jumper2118
4:31Two Point Jumper2120
2:43Two Point Layup2320
2:31Two Point Jumper2322
0:31Two Point Layup2522
0:13Two Point Layup2524
0:13Free Throw2525
2nd Period
19:11Two Point Layup2725
18:33Two Point Layup2925
17:45Two Point Jumper2927
16:50Two Point Layup2929
16:39Two Point Layup2931
15:46Two Point Layup3131
14:50Free Throw3231
13:56Two Point Layup3431
11:10Free Throw3531
10:20Free Throw3532
10:20Free Throw3533
9:47Free Throw3534
8:50Two Point Layup3536
6:18Free Throw3636
5:17Free Throw3637
2:25Two Point Jumper3639
1:30Two Point Jumper3641
1:14Two Point Jumper3841
0:44Free Throw3941
0:44Free Throw4041
0:18Free Throw4042