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Box Score - Jan 13, 2013

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Mizzou Arena - Columbia, MO

Game Stats
D. Stallworth, F0175/13.3850/0.0007/71.00023533333
A. Mathies, -0146/17.3532/7.2860/0.00023501011
J. O'Neill, G0115/13.3851/5.2000/0.00005540012
B. Goss, G093/6.5001/3.3332/21.00023532023
S. Walker, -021/5.2000/0.0000/0.00007700023
Game Stats
S. Crafton, -0114/7.5710/1.0003/5.60018923003
B. Kulas, F094/16.2501/8.1250/0.00024611033
L. Smith, -084/7.5710/0.0000/1.00015600113
L. Doty, G062/5.4000/1.0002/3.66711271064
K. Simmons, G031/3.3331/3.3330/0.00002210020
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:25Two Point Jumper20
18:31Two Point Layup40
17:40Two Point Jumper60
16:55Two Point Layup62
15:53Two Point Jumper82
13:13Three Point Jumper112
12:35Two Point Jumper132
12:07Free Throw142
12:07Free Throw152
11:44Two Point Layup154
11:36Three Point Jumper184
10:18Two Point Layup204
10:18Free Throw214
10:06Two Point Layup234
9:38Three Point Jumper237
9:10Two Point Layup239
9:10Free Throw2310
8:52Two Point Layup2312
8:31Free Throw2313
7:44Free Throw2413
7:44Free Throw2513
7:32Two Point Layup2515
5:15Free Throw2615
5:15Free Throw2715
3:09Two Point Layup2717
2:11Free Throw2817
2:11Free Throw2917
1:53Two Point Layup2919
1:44Two Point Layup3119
1:18Two Point Jumper3121
0:54Two Point Jumper3321
0:11Two Point Jumper3521
2nd Period
19:41Two Point Jumper3523
19:11Free Throw3623
19:11Free Throw3723
18:31Free Throw3724
18:31Free Throw3725
18:19Three Point Jumper4025
17:41Two Point Jumper4027
17:32Two Point Jumper4227
16:29Two Point Layup4229
16:06Two Point Jumper4429
14:48Two Point Jumper4629
13:24Three Point Jumper4929
13:06Two Point Layup4931
12:23Three Point Jumper4934
11:08Two Point Jumper5134
10:22Three Point Jumper5434
9:53Free Throw5435
8:44Two Point Jumper5635
8:25Two Point Layup5835
7:34Two Point Jumper5837
4:45Two Point Jumper6037
4:20Two Point Layup6039
3:51Two Point Layup6041
3:13Two Point Jumper6241
2:33Two Point Layup6441
2:33Free Throw6541
1:56Two Point Jumper6741
1:37Two Point Jumper6743
0:26Two Point Layup6943