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Box Score - Jan 17, 2013

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Scoring Plays
1st Period
Free Throw01
19:39Free Throw02
18:52Two Point Layup04
18:23Two Point Jumper24
18:23Free Throw34
17:09Two Point Layup36
16:11Two Point Jumper56
15:48Two Point Layup58
15:05Two Point Jumper78
14:19Two Point Layup710
12:02Two Point Jumper712
11:24Two Point Jumper714
11:10Two Point Jumper716
8:50Two Point Jumper916
8:26Three Point Jumper919
7:20Two Point Jumper1119
6:31Two Point Jumper1319
5:52Two Point Jumper1519
5:52Free Throw1619
3:04Three Point Jumper1622
2:51Three Point Jumper1922
2:27Three Point Jumper2222
1:28Free Throw2223
1:28Free Throw2224
1:13Two Point Jumper2424
0:46Two Point Jumper2426
2nd Period
19:37Two Point Layup2428
19:13Two Point Jumper2628
18:47Two Point Jumper2630
18:25Two Point Layup2830
18:00Two Point Jumper2832
17:34Two Point Layup2834
16:50Two Point Jumper2836
16:25Two Point Layup3036
16:02Free Throw3037
15:47Two Point Jumper3237
15:19Three Point Jumper3240
14:44Free Throw3241
14:44Free Throw3242
14:31Free Throw3342
13:59Two Point Jumper3542
13:16Two Point Jumper3742
12:57Two Point Jumper3744
12:14Free Throw3745
11:02Three Point Jumper4045
10:32Two Point Jumper4245
9:54Two Point Layup4445
9:21Two Point Layup4645
8:45Three Point Jumper4648
8:14Two Point Layup4848
7:30Two Point Layup5048
7:00Two Point Jumper5050
5:01Three Point Jumper5053
4:04Two Point Jumper5055
3:22Two Point Jumper5057
3:08Two Point Jumper5257
3:08Free Throw5357
2:33Two Point Jumper5557
2:01Two Point Layup5559
1:01Free Throw5560
1:01Free Throw5561
0:38Free Throw5562
0:38Free Throw5563
0:26Free Throw5564
0:21Two Point Layup5764
0:18Free Throw5765
0:18Free Throw5766
0:01Free Throw5866
0:01Free Throw5966