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Box Score - Jan 20, 2013

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Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center - Gainesville, FL

Game Stats
A. Bruner, -0145/12.4170/0.0004/14.28636901112
I. Walker, -083/9.3332/4.5000/0.00004401014
A. Welch, F082/8.2500/0.0004/5.800841201101
T. Mitchell, G062/12.1670/2.0002/21.000651111030
S. White, -000/4.0000/1.0000/0.00003310015
Game Stats
J. Bonds, G0166/16.3751/5.2003/6.50013401002
J. Miller, G051/3.3330/2.0003/4.75014530124
V. McIntyre, C042/6.3330/0.0000/0.00033600301
K. Lewis, G042/7.2860/1.0000/0.00026800011
C. Needles, G000/3.0000/3.0000/1.00002200034
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:40Two Point Jumper20
17:15Two Point Jumper22
16:52Two Point Jumper42
15:38Free Throw43
15:38Free Throw44
14:46Two Point Layup64
11:51Three Point Jumper94
11:03Three Point Jumper124
10:33Two Point Layup126
10:22Free Throw136
9:54Free Throw146
9:04Two Point Jumper166
8:43Free Throw176
6:58Two Point Jumper178
6:01Three Point Jumper1711
5:33Three Point Jumper2011
4:42Free Throw2012
4:18Free Throw2112
4:02Two Point Layup2114
3:38Free Throw2214
3:18Free Throw2215
2:54Two Point Jumper2415
2:45Two Point Layup2417
2nd Period
19:44Two Point Layup2419
19:25Free Throw2519
19:25Free Throw2619
19:13Free Throw2620
18:47Two Point Layup2622
18:26Free Throw2722
18:07Two Point Layup2724
17:10Three Point Jumper3024
16:50Three Point Jumper3027
15:57Free Throw3028
15:37Two Point Jumper3228
14:57Two Point Layup3428
14:44Two Point Jumper3430
14:17Free Throw3530
13:52Two Point Layup3532
12:54Free Throw3533
12:14Two Point Layup3535
11:51Three Point Jumper3835
11:17Two Point Layup4035
10:42Two Point Layup4235
10:42Free Throw4335
9:39Two Point Layup4535
9:24Two Point Layup4537
8:32Free Throw4538
5:56Two Point Layup4540
3:06Two Point Layup4542
0:32Free Throw4642
0:27Free Throw4742
0:19Two Point Jumper4744
0:15Free Throw4844
0:15Free Throw4944
0:07Free Throw5044
0:03Free Throw5144
0:03Free Throw5244