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Box Score - Jan 24, 2013

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Game Stats
J. O'Neill, G0176/16.3754/9.4441/11.00020211055
A. Mathies, -0124/14.2860/3.0004/41.00015630133
D. Stallworth, F0126/11.5450/0.0000/0.000281031015
S. Walker, -041/2.5000/0.0002/6.33309911432
B. Goss, G021/7.1430/1.0000/0.00010123002
Game Stats
I. Walker, -0165/11.4551/3.3335/8.62508843241
A. Welch, F0114/7.5710/0.0003/5.60034712112
T. Mitchell, G072/7.2861/11.0002/4.50002221043
A. Bruner, -052/9.2220/0.0001/4.25033611164
S. White, -000/6.0000/1.0000/0.00021301011
Scoring Plays
1st Period
18:57Two Point Jumper20
18:31Free Throw21
15:44Three Point Jumper51
14:49Two Point Jumper71
14:16Two Point Jumper73
13:32Three Point Jumper103
13:00Two Point Jumper105
12:37Free Throw106
12:24Two Point Jumper126
10:36Two Point Jumper128
9:12Two Point Jumper1210
5:58Two Point Jumper1212
4:31Free Throw1213
4:03Two Point Layup1215
3:50Two Point Jumper1415
3:27Two Point Layup1417
2:21Two Point Jumper1617
1:25Three Point Jumper1917
1:04Two Point Jumper1919
2nd Period
19:47Two Point Jumper2119
19:02Two Point Jumper2319
18:02Free Throw2419
18:02Free Throw2519
17:38Three Point Jumper2522
17:18Two Point Jumper2524
16:46Two Point Layup2526
16:18Free Throw2626
16:18Free Throw2726
15:53Free Throw2727
15:53Free Throw2728
14:47Free Throw2729
14:16Three Point Jumper3029
13:47Two Point Jumper3031
13:39Three Point Jumper3331
13:15Three Point Jumper3334
13:07Two Point Jumper3534
13:07Free Throw3634
12:21Two Point Layup3834
11:37Two Point Jumper4034
10:47Two Point Layup4036
10:22Free Throw4037
10:22Free Throw4038
9:15Two Point Layup4238
8:35Two Point Jumper4240
7:56Two Point Jumper4242
6:01Two Point Jumper4244
5:53Free Throw4344
5:53Free Throw4444
5:34Two Point Jumper4446
4:26Free Throw4447
4:07Two Point Layup4449
3:35Two Point Jumper4451
3:32Free Throw4452
3:21Two Point Jumper4652
1:50Two Point Layup4852
0:26Two Point Jumper5052
0:22Free Throw5053
0:13Free Throw5054
0:11Free Throw5055