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Box Score - Feb 3, 2013

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Game Stats
T. Tanner, F0104/11.3640/1.0002/21.00022430005
H. Muhammad, G072/13.1540/0.0003/4.75010112042
N. Ouardad, -073/7.4291/3.3330/0.00012350044
B. Alverson, -021/4.2500/3.0000/1.00005500001
P. Davis, C021/2.5000/0.0000/0.00001111024
Game Stats
A. Welch, F0102/4.5000/0.0006/8.75012312112
T. Mitchell, G0103/9.3331/2.5003/5.60004402022
I. Walker, -082/7.2862/7.2862/4.50013454132
A. Bruner, -063/5.6000/0.0000/2.00021311123
S. White, -031/3.3331/2.5000/0.00011210021
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:40Three Point Jumper03
18:26Two Point Jumper23
17:54Free Throw24
17:54Free Throw25
17:28Two Point Jumper45
16:53Two Point Jumper65
15:46Two Point Jumper67
15:28Two Point Jumper87
14:55Two Point Layup89
13:23Two Point Jumper109
13:04Three Point Jumper1012
11:54Two Point Jumper1212
11:05Three Point Jumper1512
10:17Free Throw1513
10:17Free Throw1514
8:19Three Point Jumper1517
7:28Two Point Layup1519
7:01Free Throw1520
6:23Free Throw1620
6:23Free Throw1720
5:11Three Point Jumper1723
2:43Three Point Jumper1726
1:43Three Point Jumper2026
0:40Two Point Jumper2226
0:14Two Point Jumper2228
2nd Period
18:35Two Point Jumper2428
18:04Two Point Jumper2430
17:41Two Point Jumper2630
17:15Two Point Layup2830
16:00Two Point Jumper3030
15:33Two Point Jumper3032
15:16Two Point Layup3034
13:54Two Point Layup3234
13:19Three Point Jumper3237
12:57Two Point Jumper3437
11:21Free Throw3537
11:10Free Throw3538
11:10Free Throw3539
10:57Two Point Jumper3739
10:27Two Point Jumper3741
9:59Two Point Layup3743
9:21Free Throw3744
9:21Free Throw3745
9:06Free Throw3845
9:06Free Throw3945
7:40Free Throw3946
7:40Free Throw3947
6:20Two Point Layup4147
5:52Two Point Jumper4149
4:47Two Point Jumper4349
3:54Two Point Jumper4549
2:40Two Point Jumper4749
2:30Two Point Layup4751
2:30Free Throw4752
2:15Two Point Jumper4952
1:26Free Throw4953
0:57Free Throw4954
0:57Free Throw4955
0:25Free Throw4956
0:25Free Throw4957
0:10Two Point Jumper5157
0:08Free Throw5158
0:08Free Throw5159