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Box Score - Feb 7, 2013

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Game Stats
A. Welch, F0166/8.7500/0.0004/5.800731011111
A. Bruner, -0157/13.5380/1.0001/3.333651142012
S. White, -062/8.2500/5.0002/3.66725700021
I. Walker, -052/8.2501/4.2500/2.00036941022
T. Mitchell, G021/6.1670/2.0000/0.00002210023
Game Stats
D. Simmons, G0187/14.5002/3.6672/21.00002221023
J. Robinson, G0114/8.5001/2.5002/4.50013401030
S. Myers, G0114/7.5713/6.5000/1.00002210010
K. Horn, F042/5.4000/0.0000/0.00004410045
M. Perkins, -021/3.3330/0.0000/2.00011201021
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:13Two Point Jumper20
19:12Free Throw30
18:41Two Point Jumper50
18:26Two Point Jumper52
17:41Two Point Layup72
16:40Free Throw73
16:08Two Point Layup93
14:39Two Point Layup113
13:31Two Point Jumper133
13:19Two Point Layup135
13:18Free Throw136
12:54Two Point Jumper156
12:28Two Point Jumper158
10:58Three Point Jumper1511
10:41Two Point Layup1711
10:13Three Point Jumper1714
9:22Three Point Jumper2014
8:59Three Point Jumper2017
8:26Two Point Jumper2217
7:10Two Point Jumper2417
6:40Two Point Layup2617
6:29Two Point Jumper2619
6:01Free Throw2719
5:49Two Point Jumper2721
5:08Two Point Layup2723
4:26Two Point Jumper2725
3:15Two Point Layup2925
1:07Two Point Jumper2927
0:40Two Point Layup3127
2nd Period
19:29Two Point Layup3327
18:22Two Point Layup3527
17:04Free Throw3627
17:04Free Throw3727
16:05Free Throw3827
16:05Free Throw3927
15:48Two Point Layup3929
14:57Three Point Jumper4229
13:32Two Point Jumper4429
12:53Free Throw4430
12:28Two Point Jumper4630
12:28Free Throw4730
11:28Free Throw4830
11:28Free Throw4930
10:45Two Point Jumper4932
10:35Two Point Jumper5132
10:23Two Point Jumper5134
9:23Free Throw5135
8:55Two Point Layup5137
8:37Two Point Jumper5337
8:15Two Point Layup5537
7:47Two Point Layup5737
7:27Two Point Layup5739
6:47Three Point Jumper5742
6:31Free Throw5842
6:31Free Throw5942
5:26Two Point Layup5944
5:26Free Throw5945
5:11Two Point Layup6145
4:52Three Point Jumper6148
4:18Two Point Jumper6348
3:24Two Point Jumper6548
2:55Three Point Jumper6551
1:07Two Point Layup6553