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Box Score - Feb 10, 2013

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Mizzou Arena - Columbia, MO

Game Stats
K. May, G0165/9.5562/4.5004/41.00003335054
D. Gaynor, -0144/8.5004/7.5712/21.00001101004
M. Alwal, C0144/13.3080/0.0006/8.7505101523241
K. Grant, G092/16.1250/0.0005/6.83321334002
C. Williams, F042/4.5000/0.0000/0.00001100101
Game Stats
B. Kulas, F0103/11.2730/6.0004/5.80015601041
L. Smith, -0102/4.5000/0.0006/8.75025712332
S. Crafton, -072/4.5000/0.0003/4.75023502110
K. Simmons, G042/21.0000/0.0000/0.00002201022
L. Doty, G020/3.0000/1.0002/21.00015641065
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:37Three Point Jumper30
18:59Two Point Layup32
18:17Two Point Jumper34
17:28Two Point Layup36
17:12Two Point Layup56
16:52Two Point Layup76
16:13Two Point Jumper96
15:30Two Point Jumper116
15:12Two Point Jumper118
14:32Two Point Jumper138
13:24Three Point Jumper1311
10:50Two Point Layup1313
8:26Two Point Jumper1315
8:10Free Throw1316
8:01Two Point Layup1516
6:55Three Point Jumper1816
5:44Two Point Jumper1818
5:00Two Point Jumper2018
4:36Free Throw2019
3:58Free Throw2119
3:58Free Throw2219
3:05Two Point Jumper2221
2:37Two Point Jumper2421
2:01Free Throw2521
1:21Two Point Layup2523
0:48Two Point Jumper2525
2nd Period
19:18Free Throw2625
18:53Two Point Jumper2825
18:08Free Throw2826
18:08Free Throw2827
17:38Two Point Jumper2829
16:51Free Throw2830
16:12Two Point Jumper2832
15:48Three Point Jumper3132
15:26Free Throw3133
15:26Free Throw3134
14:33Three Point Jumper3137
14:10Three Point Jumper3437
13:59Two Point Layup3439
13:11Three Point Jumper3739
12:50Free Throw3740
11:46Two Point Jumper3940
11:02Three Point Jumper4240
9:19Free Throw4340
8:27Free Throw4341
8:27Free Throw4342
8:05Two Point Layup4542
6:22Free Throw4642
5:21Two Point Jumper4644
4:22Free Throw4744
4:22Free Throw4844
3:24Free Throw4944
3:02Free Throw4945
2:44Free Throw4946
2:44Free Throw4947
2:23Free Throw5047
2:23Free Throw5147
2:08Free Throw5148
2:08Free Throw5149
1:50Free Throw5249
1:50Free Throw5349
1:20Free Throw5350
1:20Free Throw5351
0:49Two Point Jumper5551
0:33Free Throw5552
0:33Free Throw5553
0:28Free Throw5653
0:28Free Throw5753
0:15Free Throw5853
0:15Free Throw5953
0:06Three Point Jumper5956
0:05Free Throw6056
0:03Free Throw6156