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Box Score - Feb 17, 2013

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Game Stats
A. Bruner, -0156/15.4000/0.0003/4.7503101323024
A. Welch, F0114/41.0000/0.0003/31.00014520124
K. Sessions, G0114/7.5711/3.3332/3.66700000023
S. White, -042/7.2860/2.0000/0.00024621021
I. Walker, -021/8.1250/2.0000/0.00033655011
Game Stats
V. McFarland, G0167/12.5831/11.0001/2.50006642052
C. Marbra, -042/6.3330/0.0000/0.00014500021
D. Moore, -030/7.0000/4.0003/4.75011200050
G. Frizzell, G031/5.2001/5.2000/2.00001101012
D. McCray, F010/3.0000/0.0001/3.33314501212
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:40Two Point Layup20
19:01Two Point Layup22
17:46Two Point Layup42
16:52Two Point Jumper62
16:46Two Point Layup64
16:34Three Point Jumper94
15:17Two Point Layup96
14:10Free Throw97
14:10Free Throw98
13:51Free Throw108
13:51Free Throw118
13:01Two Point Jumper138
12:22Free Throw139
12:10Two Point Jumper159
9:13Two Point Layup179
8:48Two Point Layup199
8:19Two Point Layup1911
6:46Free Throw2011
6:18Two Point Jumper2211
4:28Two Point Layup2213
2:14Three Point Jumper2513
1:56Two Point Jumper2515
0:48Two Point Layup2715
0:08Two Point Layup2915
2nd Period
19:54Two Point Layup2917
19:52Free Throw2918
19:35Three Point Jumper2921
18:55Two Point Layup2923
18:40Two Point Layup3123
18:29Free Throw3124
18:29Free Throw3125
18:10Two Point Layup3325
17:53Two Point Layup3525
17:51Free Throw3625
17:23Two Point Jumper3825
16:30Two Point Layup4025
14:27Two Point Jumper4027
14:06Two Point Layup4227
14:04Free Throw4327
13:51Two Point Layup4329
13:39Free Throw4429
13:39Free Throw4529
13:02Three Point Jumper4532
11:44Two Point Layup4534
11:37Two Point Layup4734
11:04Two Point Layup4934
10:33Free Throw4935
10:33Free Throw4936
9:51Two Point Layup4938
9:41Two Point Jumper5138
8:28Two Point Layup5338
5:34Two Point Layup5538
5:25Free Throw5539
4:35Two Point Layup5739
4:20Two Point Layup5939
4:02Three Point Jumper5942
3:03Two Point Layup6142
1:35Three Point Jumper6145
1:26Free Throw6245
0:28Free Throw6246
0:28Free Throw6247