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Box Score - Mar 3, 2013

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Game Stats
S. Moss, -0166/15.4000/1.0004/6.667641030022
J. Bonds, G0125/8.6251/2.5001/11.00010131095
J. George, -0103/9.3330/0.0004/41.00025711423
C. Mercer, F031/3.3330/0.0001/2.50013421042
L. Svete, F000/1.0000/1.0000/0.00012300022
Game Stats
A. Bruner, -0166/15.4000/0.0004/8.50071810032
I. Walker, -0146/13.4620/2.0002/6.33322485123
A. Welch, F0144/5.8000/0.0006/9.667281013033
T. Mitchell, G072/6.3331/2.5002/21.00003321012
S. White, -031/6.1670/1.0001/2.50023510001
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:37Two Point Jumper20
18:36Two Point Layup22
17:03Two Point Jumper42
16:30Two Point Layup44
15:18Two Point Layup46
15:18Free Throw47
15:06Two Point Layup49
14:37Three Point Jumper79
14:08Two Point Jumper711
11:38Two Point Jumper911
11:21Two Point Layup913
10:02Two Point Jumper1113
9:02Two Point Jumper1313
8:41Two Point Layup1513
8:12Two Point Layup1515
7:44Two Point Jumper1517
7:31Free Throw1617
7:31Free Throw1717
5:05Two Point Jumper1917
4:38Two Point Jumper1919
4:08Three Point Jumper2219
3:03Free Throw2220
2:49Free Throw2320
2:49Free Throw2420
1:32Two Point Layup2422
1:09Free Throw2423
1:09Free Throw2424
0:51Free Throw2524
0:25Free Throw2525
2nd Period
19:47Two Point Jumper2527
19:10Two Point Jumper2529
18:30Two Point Layup2531
18:04Two Point Layup2731
17:40Two Point Jumper2733
17:17Free Throw2833
15:48Two Point Jumper3033
14:36Free Throw3034
14:24Free Throw3134
13:59Three Point Jumper3137
13:42Two Point Layup3139
12:15Three Point Jumper3439
11:50Two Point Layup3441
11:41Two Point Layup3641
10:58Two Point Jumper3841
9:43Two Point Layup3843
9:43Free Throw3844
9:29Two Point Jumper4044
8:30Two Point Jumper4244
8:10Three Point Jumper4247
7:38Free Throw4248
7:38Free Throw4249
7:28Two Point Layup4449
7:05Free Throw4450
7:05Free Throw4451
6:32Two Point Layup4453
6:25Two Point Layup4653
6:25Free Throw4753
5:26Free Throw4754
5:26Free Throw4755
5:05Two Point Jumper4955
4:36Two Point Jumper4957
4:36Free Throw4958
4:01Free Throw4959
3:41Two Point Jumper4961
2:29Free Throw4962
2:29Free Throw4963
1:57Two Point Layup5163
1:12Free Throw5164
1:06Free Throw5264
1:06Free Throw5364
1:00Free Throw5365
0:30Free Throw5366
0:30Free Throw5367
0:08Free Throw5467
0:08Two Point Jumper5667