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Box Score - Mar 7, 2013

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Game Stats
D. Simmons, G0103/7.4291/3.3333/4.75014520023
N. Hegstetter, F084/11.3640/1.0000/0.00070701024
K. Horn, F063/10.3000/2.0000/2.00014500045
J. Robinson, G021/9.1110/2.0000/0.00002230001
M. Perkins, -000/4.0000/0.0000/0.00001100001
Game Stats
A. Bruner, -0105/6.8330/0.0000/2.0003111410120
A. Welch, F091/3.3330/0.0007/8.87513410011
T. Mitchell, G093/9.3331/11.0002/21.00033621112
I. Walker, -083/7.4292/4.5000/0.00003350022
S. White, -052/5.4001/2.5000/0.00001111001
Scoring Plays
1st Period
17:43Free Throw10
17:04Free Throw11
17:04Free Throw12
16:36Two Point Jumper32
16:11Two Point Jumper52
15:43Three Point Jumper55
15:06Free Throw56
15:06Free Throw57
14:39Two Point Jumper77
14:14Three Point Jumper710
13:48Two Point Jumper712
13:08Two Point Layup714
12:59Two Point Jumper914
12:19Free Throw915
12:11Free Throw916
11:42Two Point Jumper918
10:47Three Point Jumper921
7:22Two Point Layup1121
5:22Two Point Jumper1123
4:38Three Point Jumper1423
4:12Two Point Jumper1425
3:19Two Point Layup1625
2:46Two Point Tip Shot1627
1:11Free Throw1628
0:09Two Point Tip Shot1828
2nd Period
18:26Two Point Layup1830
17:36Three Point Jumper1833
17:13Two Point Layup1835
16:45Two Point Layup1837
16:13Two Point Layup2037
15:50Two Point Tip Shot2039
15:26Free Throw2040
15:26Free Throw2041
14:30Three Point Jumper2044
14:16Two Point Jumper2244
13:56Two Point Layup2246
13:35Free Throw2247
13:35Free Throw2248
13:29Free Throw2348
13:29Free Throw2448
12:32Two Point Jumper2450
11:40Two Point Layup2452
11:25Two Point Jumper2652
10:56Two Point Jumper2654
10:39Two Point Layup2656
10:17Two Point Layup2658
9:22Free Throw2659
9:22Free Throw2660
9:03Two Point Layup2662
8:22Two Point Layup2664
7:53Two Point Jumper2864
7:16Two Point Jumper2866
6:39Two Point Jumper2868
6:19Two Point Jumper3068
5:58Three Point Jumper3368
5:28Three Point Jumper3371
4:30Two Point Jumper3373
3:34Free Throw3374
1:56Free Throw3474
1:56Free Throw3574
0:35Free Throw3575
0:09Two Point Layup3577