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Box Score - Nov 13, 2015

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Colonial Life Arena - Columbia, SC

Game Stats
K. Mitchell, G383610/24.4174/9.44412/13.92302210334
A. Alston, G38238/19.4214/5.8003/31.00003302112
C. Craft, G3151/3.3330/1.0003/4.75010105123
K. Holland, G852/4.5001/3.3330/0.00000000003
S. Cooper, F3342/17.1180/4.0000/0.0003121512085
A. Doss, G531/2.5001/11.0000/0.00000011011
A. Hart, F1921/5.2000/0.0000/0.00041500203
L. Blair, C1221/3.3330/0.0000/0.00053801224
M. Waterman, F1300/3.0000/0.0000/0.00021302113
T. Ekhelar, C300/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000001
Game Stats
A. Wilson, F21208/18.4440/0.0004/41.000591400200
A. Coates, C28176/9.6670/0.0005/10.500491301331
T. Mitchell, G32156/12.5002/4.5001/2.50012334184
K. Sessions, G36123/8.3750/0.0006/8.75003334034
S. Imovbioh, F1684/5.8000/0.0000/2.000371000013
B. Cuevas-Moore, G851/5.2000/1.0003/4.75000010012
J. White, F1541/3.3330/0.0002/3.66712320000
A. Dozier, G1241/2.5000/0.0002/21.00000010020
T. Roy, G2331/6.1671/6.1670/0.00001110012
S. Colley, G600/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000013
K. Duckett, G300/1.0000/0.0000/0.00000000001
Scoring Plays
1st Period
9:15T. Mitchell made Three Point Jumper.03
9:01K. Sessions made Layup.05
8:55K. Mitchell made Layup.25
8:53K. Mitchell made Free Throw.35
8:33A. Hart made Layup.55
8:27K. Sessions made Layup.57
7:23T. Mitchell made Jumper.59
7:05T. Mitchell made Layup.511
6:31A. Wilson made Free Throw.512
6:31A. Wilson made Free Throw.513
6:09K. Sessions made Free Throw.514
6:09K. Sessions made Free Throw.515
5:45A. Wilson made Layup. Assisted by K. Sessions.517
5:21A. Coates made Layup.519
5:12K. Mitchell made Jumper.719
4:42A. Dozier made Layup. Assisted by K. Sessions.721
4:34A. Doss made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Mitchell.1021
4:18A. Coates made Jumper. Assisted by A. Dozier.1023
3:56K. Sessions made Free Throw.1024
3:56K. Sessions made Free Throw.1025
3:49K. Mitchell made Free Throw.1125
3:49K. Mitchell made Free Throw.1225
3:30K. Holland made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by S. Cooper.1525
3:25B. Cuevas made Free Throw.1526
2:35A. Alston made Three Point Jumper.1826
2:24B. Cuevas made Free Throw.1827
2:24B. Cuevas made Free Throw.1828
2:06K. Mitchell made Three Point Jumper.2128
1:38A. Alston made Free Throw.2228
1:38A. Alston made Free Throw.2328
1:24A. Dozier made Free Throw.2329
1:24A. Dozier made Free Throw.2330
0:48A. Alston made Three Point Jumper.2630
2nd Period
7:58A. Wilson made Free Throw.2631
7:58A. Wilson made Free Throw.2632
7:32K. Mitchell made Layup.2832
7:04C. Craft made Jumper.3032
5:43A. Coates made Free Throw.3033
5:13K. Holland made Jumper.3233
4:54A. Coates made Free Throw.3234
4:54A. Coates made Free Throw.3235
4:28A. Coates made Layup. Assisted by J. White.3237
3:44T. Mitchell made Layup.3239
3:29K. Mitchell made Three Point Jumper.3539
3:10T. Mitchell made Free Throw.3540
2:28S. Cooper made Jumper.3740
2:11A. Coates made Jumper. Assisted by J. White.3742
1:57A. Alston made Jumper.3942
1:57A. Alston made Free Throw.4042
1:50K. Sessions made Free Throw.4043
0:53C. Craft made Free Throw.4143
0:53C. Craft made Free Throw.4243
0:36A. Alston made Layup.4443
0:16A. Wilson made Jumper.4445
0:05A. Alston made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Doss.4745
3rd Period
8:40K. Mitchell made Layup.4945
8:26K. Mitchell made Jumper.5145
7:46A. Coates made Free Throw.5146
7:46A. Coates made Free Throw.5147
6:00K. Mitchell made Free Throw.5247
6:00K. Mitchell made Free Throw.5347
5:39S. Imovbioh made Layup. Assisted by T. Mitchell.5349
4:37K. Sessions made Layup.5351
4:25K. Sessions made Free Throw.5352
4:11A. Alston made Jumper.5552
3:51T. Mitchell made Three Point Jumper.5555
3:44K. Mitchell made Jumper.5755
3:15J. White made Free Throw.5756
2:51A. Alston made Layup.5956
2:23T. Roy made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by T. Mitchell.5959
2:03J. White made Layup.5961
2:02J. White made Free Throw.5962
1:04A. Alston made Three Point Jumper.6262
0:05T. Mitchell made Layup.6264
4th Period
9:39K. Mitchell made Free Throw.6364
9:07S. Imovbioh made Layup. Assisted by B. Cuevas.6366
8:45L. Blair made Jumper.6566
8:15K. Mitchell made Three Point Jumper.6866
7:56B. Cuevas made Layup.6868
7:26S. Imovbioh made Jumper.6870
6:52C. Craft made Free Throw.6970
6:34S. Imovbioh made Jumper.6972
5:21A. Wilson made Jumper.6974
4:46K. Mitchell made Free Throw.7074
4:46K. Mitchell made Free Throw.7174
4:31A. Coates made Jumper.7176
3:31A. Wilson made Layup. Assisted by T. Mitchell.7178
3:23K. Mitchell made Free Throw.7278
3:23K. Mitchell made Free Throw.7378
3:10K. Mitchell made Three Point Jumper.7678
2:35S. Cooper made Jumper.7878
2:17A. Wilson made Jumper.7880
1:34A. Coates made Jumper. Assisted by T. Roy.7882
0:50A. Wilson made Layup.7884
0:12A. Wilson made Jumper. Assisted by K. Sessions.7886
0:08A. Wilson made Layup.7888
0:03K. Mitchell made Free Throw.7988
0:03K. Mitchell made Free Throw.8088