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Box Score - Nov 29, 2017

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The Sandy and John Black Pavilion at Ole Miss - Oxford, MS

Game Stats
J. Louro, G40197/13.5384/10.4001/11.00026810020
A. Johnson, F20133/8.3750/2.0007/10.70011221014
A. Sissom, G40102/11.1821/6.1675/6.83311221042
R. Reuter, F2892/8.2502/4.5003/6.50023500134
G. Lyon, F2831/2.5000/0.0001/2.500191000115
K. Allison, G1620/2.0000/0.0002/21.00005540062
K. Collier, G1200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000001013
A. Jones, G1200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00020200125
J. Majors, F300/0.0000/0.0000/0.00020200010
L. Edwards, F100/0.0000/0.0000/1.00000000021
C. Savage, F000/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
Game Stats
A. Alston, G38224/9.4440/0.00014/16.87502254011
M. Muhammad, G39164/13.3082/5.4006/61.00014531012
T. Lewis, G26103/7.4292/6.3332/21.00000002003
P. Taylor, C2263/31.0000/0.0000/3.00017800215
C. Nixon, G2062/6.3330/1.0002/21.00032500110
S. Gibson, C1731/5.2001/2.5000/0.00004401003
B. Glover, F820/1.0000/0.0002/21.00010101025
C. Muhate Pena, F1100/0.0000/0.0000/0.00001110015
S. Sessom, G800/4.0000/1.0000/0.00011200020
B. Johnson, G800/1.0000/0.0000/0.00000000010
D. Banks, F300/2.0000/2.0000/0.00000010001
Scoring Plays
1st Period
8:49R. Reuter made Free Throw.10
8:23J. Louro made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Allison.40
6:00R. Reuter made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by J. Louro.70
3:52A. Alston made Free Throw.71
3:00J. Louro made Layup.91
2:59J. Louro made Free Throw.101
2:01T. Lewis made Free Throw.102
2:01T. Lewis made Free Throw.103
1:18R. Reuter made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Allison.133
0:47A. Sissom made Jumper.153
0:34P. Taylor made Layup. Assisted by D. Banks.155
0:11A. Sissom made Free Throw.165
0:11A. Sissom made Free Throw.175
2nd Period
9:47T. Lewis made Layup.177
8:09A. Alston made Layup.179
6:35A. Sissom made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Allison.209
6:11C. Nixon made Jumper.2011
5:21J. Louro made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Sissom.2311
4:41P. Taylor made Layup. Assisted by M. Muhammad.2313
3:51K. Allison made Free Throw.2413
3:51K. Allison made Free Throw.2513
2:11M. Muhammad made Free Throw.2514
2:11M. Muhammad made Free Throw.2515
1:49G. Lyon made Free Throw.2615
1:36A. Alston made Free Throw.2616
1:36A. Alston made Free Throw.2617
3rd Period
9:35A. Alston made Free Throw.2618
9:33M. Muhammad made Three Point Jumper.2621
6:55G. Lyon made Jumper. Assisted by K. Allison.2821
6:34B. Glover made Free Throw.2822
6:34B. Glover made Free Throw.2823
6:18M. Muhammad made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Alston.2826
5:32C. Nixon made Free Throw.2827
5:32C. Nixon made Free Throw.2828
4:58A. Alston made Free Throw.2829
4:58A. Alston made Free Throw.2830
4:44R. Reuter made Free Throw.2930
4:35P. Taylor made Jumper.2932
3:52T. Lewis made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Alston.2935
3:03T. Lewis made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by M. Muhammad.2938
2:25A. Alston made Free Throw.2939
2:25A. Alston made Free Throw.2940
2:11A. Johnson made Layup.3140
2:09A. Sissom made Free Throw.3240
2:09A. Sissom made Free Throw.3340
1:48A. Alston made Free Throw.3341
1:48A. Alston made Free Throw.3342
1:00A. Johnson made Free Throw.3442
1:00A. Johnson made Free Throw.3542
0:44M. Muhammad made Layup.3544
0:20C. Nixon made Layup. Assisted by A. Alston.3546
0:01J. Louro made Layup.3746
4th Period
9:57S. Gibson made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Alston.3749
9:37A. Johnson made Free Throw.3849
9:37A. Johnson made Free Throw.3949
8:52A. Johnson made Jumper. Assisted by A. Johnson.4149
7:18J. Louro made Layup.4349
6:33A. Alston made Jumper.4351
6:24J. Louro made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Sissom.4651
5:20A. Alston made Layup. Assisted by M. Muhammad.4653
4:27A. Alston made Free Throw.4654
4:27A. Alston made Free Throw.4655
4:15A. Johnson made Layup.4855
4:14A. Johnson made Free Throw.4955
3:39R. Reuter made Free Throw.5055
2:37M. Muhammad made Jumper. Assisted by C. Muhate Pena.5057
2:18J. Louro made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Johnson.5357
1:51A. Alston made Jumper.5359
1:27A. Johnson made Free Throw.5459
1:27A. Johnson made Free Throw.5559
0:32A. Alston made Free Throw.5560
0:32A. Alston made Free Throw.5561
0:24A. Sissom made Free Throw.5661
0:16M. Muhammad made Free Throw.5662
0:16M. Muhammad made Free Throw.5663
0:01M. Muhammad made Free Throw.5664
0:01M. Muhammad made Free Throw.5665