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Box Score - Nov 30, 2019

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Game Stats
E. Rogers, G29136/14.4290/4.0001/11.00001132202
A. Pili, F33113/9.3330/2.0005/7.714371012122
A. Jackson, C23104/6.6670/0.0002/21.00015630221
K. Overbeck, F2482/6.3330/0.0004/6.66713412014
A. Jeune, G2773/10.3000/2.0001/2.50001101115
A. Miura, G2162/5.4002/4.5000/0.00010132032
D. Caldwell, G2452/5.4001/11.0000/0.00021320024
K. White, G1900/0.0000/0.0000/0.00003300024
Game Stats
D. Benjamin, G20136/12.5000/3.0001/3.33312301001
C. Johnson, G25113/9.3330/3.0005/6.83341501023
J. Walker, F2793/10.3002/7.2861/11.00015601033
M. Abrams, G2082/4.5000/2.0004/5.80000010011
J. Lewis, G3473/11.2731/5.2000/2.00004410031
A. Copeland, F2663/5.6000/0.0000/2.00033601012
A. Knight, F1021/11.0000/0.0000/0.00022400211
B. Davis, G1810/8.0000/4.0001/2.50022400022
A. Richardson, G900/2.0000/0.0000/0.00000002000
H. Barber, G600/1.0000/1.0000/0.00012311010
S. Gibson, C500/0.0000/0.0000/0.00011200004
Scoring Plays
1st Period
9:19K. Overbeck made Free Throw.10
8:34J. Walker made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by M. Abrams.13
8:33J. Walker made Free Throw.14
8:26A. Jeune made Layup.34
7:58K. Overbeck made Free Throw.44
7:58K. Overbeck made Free Throw.54
7:47J. Lewis made Three Point Jumper.57
7:33K. Overbeck made Layup. Assisted by D. Caldwell.77
6:42D. Caldwell made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by E. Rogers.107
6:17C. Johnson made Layup.109
4:59A. Knight made Layup.1011
4:16K. Overbeck made Jumper. Assisted by E. Rogers.1211
3:43J. Lewis made Layup.1213
2:53A. Jeune made Free Throw.1313
1:22A. Miura made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Jackson.1613
0:56D. Benjamin made Free Throw.1614
0:09A. Jackson made Layup. Assisted by A. Miura.1814
2nd Period
9:35A. Copeland made Layup.1816
8:23A. Pili made Layup.2016
8:20A. Pili made Free Throw.2116
5:56A. Jackson made Jumper.2316
4:41D. Benjamin made Layup.2318
3:51A. Miura made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Caldwell.2618
1:46C. Johnson made Jumper.2620
1:08A. Pili made Layup.2820
0:56J. Walker made Jumper. Assisted by J. Lewis.2822
3rd Period
8:39M. Abrams made Free Throw.2823
8:39M. Abrams made Free Throw.2824
8:12A. Jeune made Jumper. Assisted by A. Pili.3024
7:50A. Copeland made Jumper.3026
7:31D. Caldwell made Jumper.3226
6:05D. Benjamin made Jumper.3228
5:14A. Jeune made Jumper. Assisted by K. Overbeck.3428
4:10C. Johnson made Free Throw.3429
4:10C. Johnson made Free Throw.3430
3:58A. Jackson made Free Throw.3530
3:58A. Jackson made Free Throw.3630
3:23E. Rogers made Jumper.3830
3:08D. Benjamin made Jumper.3832
2:35B. Davis made Free Throw.3833
2:25A. Jackson made Layup. Assisted by A. Miura.4033
2:05D. Benjamin made Layup.4035
1:14A. Jackson made Jumper. Assisted by E. Rogers.4235
0:56D. Benjamin made Jumper.4237
0:32E. Rogers made Jumper.4437
0:05C. Johnson made Layup.4439
4th Period
9:04J. Walker made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by H. Barber.4442
8:18E. Rogers made Layup.4642
7:48A. Pili made Layup. Assisted by A. Miura.4842
7:12E. Rogers made Jumper.5042
6:01D. Benjamin made Layup.5044
5:45E. Rogers made Layup. Assisted by A. Jackson.5244
5:14E. Rogers made Layup. Assisted by A. Jackson.5444
5:13E. Rogers made Free Throw.5544
5:09J. Lewis made Layup.5546
4:17M. Abrams made Layup.5548
4:17M. Abrams made Free Throw.5549
3:34K. Overbeck made Free Throw.5649
3:12M. Abrams made Free Throw.5650
2:34M. Abrams made Layup.5652
1:38C. Johnson made Free Throw.5653
1:38C. Johnson made Free Throw.5654
1:00C. Johnson made Free Throw.5655
0:25A. Pili made Free Throw.5755
0:25A. Pili made Free Throw.5855
0:09A. Pili made Free Throw.5955
0:09A. Pili made Free Throw.6055
0:01A. Copeland made Layup.6057