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Box Score - Dec 22, 2019

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Colonial Center - Columbia, SC

Game Stats
C. Duffy, G37209/20.4501/5.2001/2.50023511035
C. Lamb, G38135/9.5561/4.2502/4.50004400040
M. Arens, G33136/16.3750/4.0001/4.25021322243
M. McKeever, G3694/9.4440/1.0001/2.50012324043
H. Sjerven, C2052/4.5001/11.0000/0.00024601214
T. Frederick, F1600/3.0000/1.0000/0.00022420003
L. Korngable, G800/1.0000/1.0000/0.00000001000
J. Ugofsky, F600/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000003
M. Bonar, F200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
C. Kunzer, G100/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000001
R. Sankey, F100/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
M. Guebert, G100/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
A. Hempe, F100/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
Game Stats
L. Grissett, G24176/10.6000/1.0005/7.71451611032
Z. Cooke, G25136/11.5451/2.5000/0.00001102022
B. Beal, G2393/8.3751/11.0002/21.00032500022
V. Saxton, F1783/5.6000/0.0002/4.50022400013
T. Harris, G3173/10.3001/3.3330/0.00004430043
A. Boston, F2771/5.2000/0.0005/6.83354911553
M. Herbert Harrigan, F2572/5.4000/0.0003/4.75026813034
D. Henderson, G1552/7.2861/4.2500/0.00021301011
L. Amihere, F1100/1.0000/0.0000/2.00002200112
E. Wesolek, F100/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
O. Thompson, G100/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
Scoring Plays
1st Period
8:39M. Herbert Harrigan made Layup.02
8:18C. Lamb made Jumper. Assisted by M. McKeever.22
7:42C. Duffy made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by M. Arens.52
7:00B. Beal made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by M. Herbert Harrigan55
6:11Z. Cooke made Jumper.57
5:13C. Lamb made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by T. Frederick.87
5:04A. Boston made Free Throw.88
5:04A. Boston made Free Throw.89
4:26B. Beal made Jumper.811
4:05C. Duffy made Jumper.1011
3:53V. Saxton made Jumper. Assisted by L. Grissett.1013
3:11D. Henderson made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by T. Harris.1016
2:18L. Grissett made Free Throw.1017
2:18L. Grissett made Free Throw.1018
1:48V. Saxton made Layup.1020
1:23M. Arens made Jumper. Assisted by T. Frederick.1220
0:23L. Grissett made Jumper.1222
0:01C. Lamb made Free Throw.1322
0:00T. Harris made Three Point Jumper.1325
2nd Period
8:34M. McKeever made Layup.1525
7:55B. Beal made Jumper.1527
7:16M. Herbert Harrigan made Free Throw.1528
6:49C. Duffy made Jumper.1728
6:37M. Herbert Harrigan made Free Throw.1729
6:37M. Herbert Harrigan made Free Throw.1730
6:15B. Beal made Free Throw.1731
6:15B. Beal made Free Throw.1732
5:13A. Boston made Layup.1734
4:46T. Harris made Layup.1736
3:45H. Sjerven made Jumper. Assisted by M. McKeever.1936
3:20C. Duffy made Jumper.2136
2:48M. Arens made Jumper.2336
2:13C. Lamb made Layup.2536
1:48Z. Cooke made Jumper.2538
1:25C. Lamb made Jumper.2738
0:41L. Grissett made Jumper.2740
0:23M. McKeever made Layup. Assisted by C. Duffy.2940
0:02Z. Cooke made Jumper.2942
3rd Period
9:29Z. Cooke made Layup.2944
9:08C. Duffy made Layup.3144
8:05Z. Cooke made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by T. Harris.3147
7:29M. McKeever made Jumper.3347
6:18M. Arens made Layup.3547
5:57M. Arens made Free Throw.3647
5:57Z. Cooke made Jumper.3649
5:10C. Duffy made Jumper.3849
4:55A. Boston made Free Throw.3850
4:55A. Boston made Free Throw.3851
4:29T. Harris made Jumper.3853
3:32L. Grissett made Free Throw.3854
3:05L. Grissett made Jumper.3856
3:03V. Saxton made Jumper.3858
2:46C. Duffy made Jumper.4058
1:33C. Lamb made Free Throw.4158
1:01M. McKeever made Free Throw.4258
0:35V. Saxton made Free Throw.4259
0:35V. Saxton made Free Throw.4260
0:00D. Henderson made Jumper.4262
4th Period
9:25M. Arens made Layup.4462
9:05M. Arens made Layup.4662
8:41L. Grissett made Jumper.4664
8:06M. Arens made Layup.4864
7:54M. McKeever made Layup.5064
7:24L. Grissett made Jumper.5066
7:00H. Sjerven made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by M. Arens.5366
6:12L. Grissett made Free Throw.5367
6:12L. Grissett made Free Throw.5368
5:42L. Grissett made Layup. Assisted by A. Boston.5370
5:12C. Duffy made Jumper.5570
4:45C. Duffy made Layup.5770
4:00M. Herbert Harrigan made Jumper.5772
3:13C. Lamb made Jumper.5972
2:39C. Duffy made Free Throw.6072
2:20A. Boston made Free Throw.6073