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Box Score - Nov 25, 2020

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Colonial Life Arena - Columbia, SC

Game Stats
T. Williams, G3794/21.1900/7.0001/4.25050500134
A. Eady, F2462/8.2500/0.0002/21.00041502025
T. Collins, G2752/13.1540/3.0001/2.50001101022
T. Gray, G2351/6.1670/0.0003/8.37501100015
C. Wooten, G2252/14.1431/9.1110/0.00012301041
L. Maddox, F840/0.0000/0.0004/6.66703300003
A. Williams, G1221/6.1670/2.0000/2.00010101033
N. Covington, G521/2.5000/0.0000/0.00010100011
A. McGarity, G1600/2.0000/2.0000/0.00001100103
M. Taylor, G1300/1.0000/0.0000/0.00000001002
Z. McCrary, F800/1.0000/0.0000/0.00010100101
S. Blanding, G500/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000021
Game Stats
V. Saxton, F18197/9.7780/0.0005/8.625661222501
Z. Cooke, G20186/11.5452/3.6674/5.80010133030
E. Russell, G20144/7.5711/2.5005/8.62504430013
L. Grissett, G16135/6.8330/0.0003/4.750551031212
L. Amihere, F23113/4.7500/1.0005/9.556291120224
A. Boston, F22115/7.7140/0.0001/2.500481210122
D. Henderson, G21114/7.5710/1.0003/4.75015644122
B. Beal, G1784/9.4440/1.0000/1.00011211011
D. Littleton, G1971/6.1670/3.0005/6.83308801022
O. Thompson, G852/4.5001/2.5000/0.00000000010
E. Wesolek, F1621/11.0000/0.0000/0.00022400203
Scoring Plays
1st Period
9:55D. Henderson made Layup.02
8:53D. Henderson made Layup.04
8:28V. Saxton made Free Throw.05
8:28V. Saxton made Free Throw.06
7:36V. Saxton made Free Throw.07
7:19B. Beal made Layup.09
6:16Z. Cooke made Free Throw.010
5:28V. Saxton made Jumper.012
4:51Z. Cooke made Layup.014
4:51Z. Cooke made Free Throw.015
4:17L. Grissett made Layup.017
3:27T. Williams made Free Throw.117
3:02L. Grissett made Layup.119
2:41L. Grissett made Free Throw.120
2:39L. Amihere made Layup.122
2:17E. Russell made Free Throw.123
2:05A. Eady made Free Throw.223
2:05A. Eady made Free Throw.323
1:51L. Amihere made Free Throw.324
1:37T. Williams made Jumper.524
1:13L. Grissett made Free Throw.525
1:13L. Grissett made Free Throw.526
1:01T. Collins made Jumper.726
0:28L. Grissett made Layup.728
0:17D. Littleton made Free Throw.729
0:17D. Littleton made Free Throw.730
2nd Period
9:35Z. Cooke made Layup.732
9:16T. Collins made Jumper.932
9:05V. Saxton made Layup. Assisted by D. Henderson.934
8:38T. Williams made Jumper.1134
8:22Z. Cooke made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Boston.1137
8:06B. Beal made Layup. Assisted by V. Saxton.1139
7:53V. Saxton made Layup. Assisted by Z. Cooke.1141
6:59A. Boston made Jumper. Assisted by B. Beal.1143
6:27D. Henderson made Layup.1145
4:34Z. Cooke made Layup.1147
3:57N. Covington made Jumper.1347
3:50A. Boston made Jumper. Assisted by L. Grissett.1349
3:26L. Grissett made Layup. Assisted by Z. Cooke.1351
2:55A. Boston made Jumper.1353
2:24Z. Cooke made Free Throw.1354
2:22Z. Cooke made Free Throw.1355
2:11T. Collins made Free Throw.1455
2:08E. Russell made Free Throw.1456
2:08E. Russell made Free Throw.1457
2:05T. Gray made Free Throw.1557
2:05T. Gray made Free Throw.1657
1:30T. Gray made Free Throw.1757
1:22E. Russell made Free Throw.1758
1:22E. Russell made Free Throw.1759
1:10C. Wooten made Three Point Jumper.2059
0:37L. Amihere made Layup.2061
0:37L. Amihere made Free Throw.2062
3rd Period
9:37T. Williams made Jumper.2262
9:24V. Saxton made Free Throw.2263
9:24V. Saxton made Free Throw.2264
8:58Z. Cooke made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Henderson.2267
8:04V. Saxton made Jumper.2269
7:44B. Beal made Layup. Assisted by V. Saxton.2271
7:15Z. Cooke made Layup.2273
6:46B. Beal made Layup. Assisted by Z. Cooke.2275
6:03A. Boston made Free Throw.2276
5:34A. Boston made Jumper.2278
4:20V. Saxton made Layup. Assisted by D. Henderson.2280
4:01D. Henderson made Free Throw.2281
3:24T. Williams made Jumper.2481
3:16A. Boston made Jumper.2483
2:54D. Henderson made Layup.2485
2:44T. Gray made Jumper.2685
2:42E. Russell made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Henderson.2688
1:49V. Saxton made Layup. Assisted by L. Grissett.2690
1:12V. Saxton made Jumper. Assisted by L. Amihere.2692
0:47D. Henderson made Free Throw.2693
0:47D. Henderson made Free Throw.2694
0:23E. Russell made Layup. Assisted by D. Henderson.2696
0:11A. Eady made Layup.2896
4th Period
9:10L. Grissett made Layup.2898
8:42A. Eady made Layup.3098
8:27L. Amihere made Free Throw.3099
7:58L. Maddox made Free Throw.3199
7:46L. Amihere made Free Throw.31100
7:46L. Amihere made Free Throw.31101
7:19E. Russell made Layup. Assisted by L. Grissett.31103
6:54E. Wesolek made Layup. Assisted by E. Russell.31105
6:24O. Thompson made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by L. Amihere.31108
5:46E. Russell made Layup.31110
5:07L. Amihere made Layup.31112
4:45C. Wooten made Layup.33112
4:15L. Maddox made Free Throw.34112
3:47O. Thompson made Layup. Assisted by E. Russell.34114
3:32L. Maddox made Free Throw.35114
3:32L. Maddox made Free Throw.36114
2:36D. Littleton made Free Throw.36115
2:36D. Littleton made Free Throw.36116
2:09D. Littleton made Free Throw.36117
0:45D. Littleton made Layup.36119
0:09A. Williams made Layup.38119