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Box Score - Dec 31, 2020

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Pete Maravich Assembly Center - Baton Rouge, LA

Game Stats
A. Coulibaly, G23124/8.5001/3.3333/4.75023500011
H. Scott-Grayson, G3384/12.3330/0.0000/0.00027922113
R. Levy, F3084/12.3330/2.0000/0.000471125152
A. Rice, G2452/6.3331/11.0000/0.00041521043
K. Patton, G2431/4.2501/3.3330/0.00011201023
J. Jordan, F2031/10.1000/5.0001/2.50013400113
A. Reese, G820/0.0000/0.0002/21.00001100000
A. Hughes, G721/11.0000/0.0000/0.00000000020
S. Wells, G1600/5.0000/3.0000/0.00002211022
M. Robinson-Nwagwu, G1300/2.0000/1.0000/0.00000000121
K. Lowery, G200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000020
Game Stats
K. Pointer, G33145/13.3850/4.0004/41.00023542042
T. Young, G2083/6.5000/0.0002/21.00003302020
J. Cherry, G1983/6.5000/1.0002/21.00010121041
A. Trasi, F2172/6.3330/1.0003/31.00051611004
F. Aifuwa, C2762/10.2000/0.0002/21.000371001132
A. Petty, F1052/3.6670/0.0001/2.50012300201
D. Davis, G2421/4.2500/0.0000/0.00002202052
R. Spencer, G2021/4.2500/0.0000/0.00007721001
S. Ayres, G1021/3.3330/1.0000/0.00001110000
K. Seay, G521/2.5000/0.0000/0.00000000000
S. Shematsi, G1100/3.0000/2.0000/0.00000001010
Scoring Plays
1st Period
8:48K. Pointer made Jumper. Assisted by A. Trasi.02
8:22R. Levy made Layup.22
6:45R. Levy made Jumper.42
4:51K. Patton made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by R. Levy.72
4:21A. Coulibaly made Free Throw.82
4:08J. Cherry made Layup.84
3:39A. Coulibaly made Layup.104
3:24J. Cherry made Jumper. Assisted by K. Pointer.106
2:55A. Hughes made Jumper.126
1:45A. Reese made Free Throw.136
1:45A. Reese made Free Throw.146
1:01F. Aifuwa made Free Throw.147
1:01F. Aifuwa made Free Throw.148
2nd Period
9:18H. Scott-Grayson made Layup.168
8:48K. Seay made Jumper. Assisted by S. Ayres.1610
8:18R. Levy made Layup.1810
6:56S. Ayres made Jumper.1812
6:39A. Coulibaly made Free Throw.1912
6:39A. Coulibaly made Free Throw.2012
5:41A. Petty made Free Throw.2013
5:24A. Coulibaly made Layup. Assisted by H. Scott-Grayson.2213
3:25A. Petty made Layup. Assisted by J. Cherry.2215
2:15A. Coulibaly made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by R. Levy.2515
1:51A. Petty made Jumper.2517
0:17K. Pointer made Jumper.2519
0:01A. Rice made Layup.2719
3rd Period
8:43A. Coulibaly made Layup. Assisted by A. Rice.2919
8:24F. Aifuwa made Layup. Assisted by R. Spencer.2921
7:56A. Rice made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by S. Wells.3221
7:14H. Scott-Grayson made Layup.3421
6:55R. Spencer made Layup.3423
5:54A. Trasi made Layup. Assisted by K. Pointer.3425
5:33D. Davis made Layup. Assisted by K. Pointer.3427
5:21A. Trasi made Free Throw.3428
5:21A. Trasi made Free Throw.3429
5:11K. Pointer made Free Throw.3430
5:11K. Pointer made Free Throw.3431
4:51K. Pointer made Jumper. Assisted by R. Spencer.3433
2:46F. Aifuwa made Layup.3435
1:38T. Young made Layup.3437
1:29J. Jordan made Layup. Assisted by H. Scott-Grayson.3637
0:48J. Jordan made Free Throw.3737
0:25T. Young made Jumper. Assisted by K. Pointer.3739
4th Period
9:00K. Pointer made Jumper. Assisted by J. Cherry.3741
8:46K. Pointer made Layup.3743
7:43J. Cherry made Free Throw.3744
7:43J. Cherry made Free Throw.3745
7:21H. Scott-Grayson made Jumper.3945
6:20R. Levy made Layup.4145
4:56K. Pointer made Free Throw.4146
4:56K. Pointer made Free Throw.4147
3:23A. Trasi made Layup.4149
3:23A. Trasi made Free Throw.4150
3:13T. Young made Layup.4152
1:54J. Cherry made Jumper.4154
1:06H. Scott-Grayson made Layup. Assisted by A. Rice.4354
0:40T. Young made Free Throw.4355
0:40T. Young made Free Throw.4356