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2016 SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships

769 days ago
Photo: Alabama Athletics

2016 SEC Outdoor Track & Field Championships
May 12-14, 2016 -- Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Arkansas sweeps SEC Outdoor Track & Field titles

Complete Results

Day Three Event-by-Event Recap

Friday Recap: Georgia men, Arkansas women lead

Friday Results

Thursday Recap: Alabama men, Georgia women lead

Thursday Results

Thursday, May 12
Field Events
Time Event Field Event
10:30 AM Men's 100M Decathlon
11:00 AM Women's 100M Hurdles Heptathlon
11:15 AM Men's Long Jump Decathlon
11:45 AM Men's Long Jump Heptathlon
12:30 PM Men's Shot Put Decathlon
1:30 PM Men's High Jump Decathlon
1:45 PM Women's Shot Put Heptathlon
3:50 PM Men's 400M Decathlon
3:55 PM Women's 200M Heptathlon
4:00 PM Women's Hammer Heptathlon
7:00 PM Men's Hammer Heptathlon
Running Events
Time Running Event Heat
12:55 PM National Anthem
1:00 PM Women's 800M Prelim
1:20 PM Men's 800M Prelim
1:40 PM Women's 200M Prelim
2:05 PM Men's 200M Prelim
2:30 PM Women's 400M Hurdles Prelim
2:50 PM Men's 400M Hurdles Prelim
9:30 PM Women's 10,000M Final
10:10 PM Men's 10,000M Final
Friday, May 13 - Watch Replay
Field Events
Time Event Field Event
9:00 AM Women's Long Jump Heptathlon
10:15 AM Women's Javelin Heptathlon
12:00 PM Men's 100M Hurdles Decathlon
12:15 PM Women's 800M Heptathlon
12:45 PM Men's Discus Decathlon
2:00 PM Women's Long Jump Prelim & FInal
2:45 PM Men's Pole Vault Decathlon
3:00 PM Women's Javelin Prelim & Final
3:05 PM Men's Shot Put Prelim & Final
5:45 PM Men's Javelin Decathlon
6:30 PM Men's Long Jump Prelim & Final
7:30 PM Women's Shot Put Prelim & Final
7:50 PM Men's 1500M Decathlon
8:35 PM Men's Javelin Prelim & Final

Running Events

Time Event Field Event
6:25 PM National Anthem
6:30 PM Women's 110M Hurdles Prelim
6:50 PM Men's 110M Hurdles Prelim
7:10 PM Women's 1500M Prelim
7:30 PM Men's 1500M Prelim
7:55 PM Women's 400M Prelim
8:20 PM Men's 400M Prelim
8:45 PM Women's 100M Prelim
9:10 PM Men's 100M Prelim
9:35 PM Women's 3000M Steeplechase Final
9:55 PM Men's 3000M Steeplechase Final
Saturday, May 14 - Watch Replay
Field Events
Time Event Field Event
11:00 AM Women's High Jump Final
11:30 AM Women's Discus Prelim & Final
11:35 AM Women's Triple Jump Prelim & Final
11:40 AM Men's Pole Vault Final
3:35 PM Women's Pole Vault Final
3:40 PM Men's Triple Jump Prelim & Final
3:45 PM Men's Discus Prelim & Final
4:00 PM Men's High Jump


Running Events
Time Event Field Event
2:55 PM National Anthem
3:00 PM Women's 4 X 100M Relay Final
3:10 PM Men's 4 X 100M Relay Final
3:20 PM Women's 1500M Final
3:30 PM Men's 1500M Final
3:40 PM Women's 100M Hurdles Final
3:50 PM Men's 110M Hurdles Final
4:00 PM Women's 400M Final
4:10 PM Men's 400M Final
4:20 PM Women's 100M Final
4:30 PM Men's 100M Final
4:40 PM Women's 800M Final
4:50 PM Men's 800M Final
5:00 PM Women's 400M Hurdles Final
5:10 PM Men's 400M Hurdles Final
5:20 PM Women's 200M Final
5:30 PM Men's 200M Final
5:40 PM Women's 5000M Final
6:00 PM Men's 5000M Final
6:25 PM Women's 4X400M Relay Final
6:35 PM Men's 4X400M Relay Final

Future Championship Hosts

2017: South Carolina
2018: Vanderbilt
2019: Tennessee
2020: Texas A&M
2021: Ole Miss
2022: Florida
2023: Arkansas
2024: Georgia
2025: Auburn

*Subject to change