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SEC announces 2018 Men's Basketball schedule

1866 days ago
SEC Staff
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Birmingham, Ala. - The Southeastern Conference unveiled its 126-game men's basketball schedule for the 2017-18 season on Thursday. Conference play tips off the weekend of December 30-31 and runs through Saturday, March 3.

Each SEC team plays the other 13 teams at least one time during league play. They will then play their three permanent opponents a second time and the remaining two games will be scheduled on a rotating basis. The fifth annual Big 12/SEC Challenge will take place on Saturday, January 27.

Kentucky (2), Missouri (4), Alabama (8), Florida (11), LSU (14), Arkansas (20), Texas A&M (27), Auburn (28) and Georgia (31) each have recruiting classes that rank among the top 31 of ESPN's RecruitingNation Class Rankings for 2017. Twenty-six of ESPN's 2015 Top 100 recruits signed with SEC schools, including 21 of the top 66 players.

Three SEC teams (Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina) advanced to the Elite Eight in 2017. South Carolina's appearance in the Final Four marked the fifth time in the last seven years that the SEC has had a team playing on the final weekend.

The SEC Tournament will be played west of the Mississippi River for the first time when the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo., hosts the event from March 7-11, 2018.

Television information and start times will be announced at a later date.

2017-18 SEC Men's Basketball Schedule
Sat., Dec. 30Texas A&M at Alabama
Sat., Dec. 30Vanderbilt at Florida
Sat., Dec. 30Tennessee at Arkansas
Sun., Dec. 31Georgia at Kentucky
Sun., Dec. 31South Carolina at Ole Miss
Tues., Jan. 2Auburn at Tennessee
Tues., Jan. 2Florida at Texas A&M
Tues., Jan. 2Alabama at Vanderbilt
Tues., Jan. 2Arkansas at Mississippi State
Wed., Jan. 3Missouri at South Carolina
Wed., Jan. 3Kentucky at LSU
Wed., Jan. 3Ole Miss at Georgia
Sat., Jan. 6Florida at Missouri
Sat., Jan. 6Kentucky at Tennessee
Sat., Jan. 6Arkansas at Auburn
Sat., Jan. 6Alabama at Georgia
Sat., Jan. 6LSU at Texas A&M
Sat., Jan. 6Mississippi State at Ole Miss
Sat., Jan. 6Vanderbilt at South Carolina
Tues., Jan. 9Texas A&M at Kentucky
Tues., Jan. 9Ole Miss at Auburn
Tues., Jan. 9South Carolina at Alabama
Tues., Jan. 9Tennessee at Vanderbilt
Wed., Jan. 10Georgia at Missouri
Wed., Jan. 10LSU at Arkansas
Wed., Jan. 10Mississippi State at Florida
Sat., Jan. 13Florida at Ole Miss
Sat., Jan. 13Kentucky at Vanderbilt
Sat., Jan. 13Missouri at Arkansas
Sat., Jan. 13Alabama at LSU
Sat., Jan. 13Auburn at Mississippi State
Sat., Jan. 13South Carolina at Georgia
Sat., Jan. 13Texas A&M at Tennessee
Tues., Jan. 16Georgia at LSU
Tues., Jan. 16Kentucky at South Carolina
Tues., Jan. 16Ole Miss at Texas A&M
Tues., Jan. 16Vanderbilt at Mississippi State
Wed., Jan. 17Arkansas at Florida
Wed., Jan. 17Auburn at Alabama
Wed., Jan. 17Tennessee at Missouri
Sat., Jan. 20Florida at Kentucky
Sat., Jan. 20Missouri at Texas A&M
Sat., Jan. 20Tennessee at South Carolina
Sat., Jan. 20Mississippi State at Alabama
Sat., Jan. 20Ole Miss at Arkansas
Sat., Jan. 20Georgia at Auburn
Sat., Jan. 20LSU at Vanderbilt
Tues., Jan. 23Vanderbilt at Tennessee
Tues., Jan. 23Mississippi State at Kentucky
Tues., Jan. 23Alabama at Ole Miss
Tues., Jan. 23Arkansas at Georgia
Tues., Jan. 23Texas A&M at LSU
Wed., Jan. 24South Carolina at Florida
Wed., Jan. 24Auburn at Missouri
Sat., Jan. 27LSU at Auburn
Sat., Jan. 27Missouri at Mississippi State
Sat., Jan. 27^Oklahoma at Alabama
Sat., Jan. 27^Oklahoma State at Arkansas
Sat., Jan. 27^Baylor at Florida
Sat., Jan. 27^Georgia at Kansas State
Sat., Jan. 27^Kentucky at West Virginia
Sat., Jan. 27^Ole Miss at Texas
Sat., Jan. 27^Texas Tech at South Carolina
Sat., Jan. 27^Tennessee at Iowa State
Sat., Jan. 27^Texas A&M at Kansas
Sat., Jan. 27^TCU at Vanderbilt
Tues., Jan. 30Vanderbilt at Kentucky
Tues., Jan. 30Arkansas at Texas A&M
Tues., Jan. 30Auburn at Ole Miss
Tues., Jan. 30Florida at Georgia
Wed., Jan. 31Missouri at Alabama
Wed., Jan. 31LSU at Tennessee
Wed., Jan. 31Mississippi State at South Carolina
Sat., Feb. 3Kentucky at Missouri
Sat., Feb. 3Alabama at Florida
Sat., Feb. 3South Carolina at Texas A&M
Sat., Feb. 3Georgia at Mississippi State
Sat., Feb. 3Arkansas at LSU
Sat., Feb. 3Vanderbilt at Auburn
Sat., Feb. 3Ole Miss at Tennessee
Tues., Feb. 6Tennessee at Kentucky
Tues., Feb. 6South Carolina at Arkansas
Tues., Feb. 6Alabama at Mississippi State
Tues., Feb. 6Missouri at Ole Miss
Wed., Feb. 7Texas A&M at Auburn
Wed., Feb. 7LSU at Florida
Wed., Feb. 7Georgia at Vanderbilt
Sat., Feb. 10Florida at South Carolina
Sat., Feb. 10Kentucky at Texas A&M
Sat., Feb. 10Mississippi State at Missouri
Sat., Feb. 10Ole Miss at LSU
Sat., Feb. 10Tennessee at Alabama
Sat., Feb. 10Vanderbilt at Arkansas
Sat., Feb. 10Auburn at Georgia
Tues., Feb. 13Texas A&M at Missouri
Tues., Feb. 13South Carolina at Tennessee
Tues., Feb. 13LSU at Alabama
Tues., Feb. 13Arkansas at Ole Miss
Wed., Feb. 14Kentucky at Auburn
Wed., Feb. 14Georgia at Florida
Wed., Feb. 14Mississippi State at Vanderbilt
Sat., Feb. 17Alabama at Kentucky
Sat., Feb. 17Texas A&M at Arkansas
Sat., Feb. 17Florida at Vanderbilt
Sat., Feb. 17Missouri at LSU
Sat., Feb. 17Auburn at South Carolina
Sat., Feb. 17Tennessee at Georgia
Sat., Feb. 17Ole Miss at Mississippi State
Tues., Feb. 20Kentucky at Arkansas
Tues., Feb. 20Ole Miss at Missouri
Tues., Feb. 20Vanderbilt at LSU
Tues., Feb. 20Mississippi State at Texas A&M
Wed., Feb. 21Florida at Tennessee
Wed., Feb. 21Alabama at Auburn
Wed., Feb. 21Georgia at South Carolina
Sat., Feb. 24Missouri at Kentucky
Sat., Feb. 24Texas A&M at Vanderbilt
Sat., Feb. 24LSU at Georgia
Sat., Feb. 24Arkansas at Alabama
Sat., Feb. 24Auburn at Florida
Sat., Feb. 24Tennessee at Ole Miss
Sat., Feb. 24South Carolina at Mississippi State
Tues., Feb. 27Florida at Alabama
Tues., Feb. 27Missouri at Vanderbilt
Tues., Feb. 27Auburn at Arkansas
Tues., Feb. 27Tennessee at Mississippi State
Wed., Feb. 28Ole Miss at Kentucky
Wed., Feb. 28Texas A&M at Georgia
Wed., Feb. 28LSU at South Carolina
Sat., March 3Kentucky at Florida
Sat., March 3Alabama at Texas A&M
Sat., March 3Arkansas at Missouri
Sat., March 3South Carolina at Auburn
Sat., March 3Georgia at Tennessee
Sat., March 3Mississippi State at LSU
Sat., March 3Vanderbilt at Ole Miss
March 7-11SEC Tournament (Scottrade Center Arena, St. Louis, MO)