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More than 1,400 SEC student-athletes earn degrees

221 days ago
Photo: Vanderbilt Athletics

Birmingham, Ala. --  More than 1,400 current and former student-athletes at Southeastern Conference universities earned degrees during the 2018-19 academic year.

A total of 1,029 SEC student-athletes graduated from their respective universities during the month of May, following 379 graduates in the fall. Each of the SEC's 21 sponsored sports is represented among the graduates, and student-athletes of seven non-sponsored SEC sports also earned their degrees.

"It is our goal to graduate student-athletes, and athletics can play a significant role in helping young people reach that important milestone in their lives," SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said. "I congratulate each of these student-athletes on their outstanding accomplishments."

Any of these graduates who did not exhaust their eligibility will wear the SEC Graduation Patch in competition next year. The 2018-19 academic year marked the third year of the SEC Graduate Patch initiative, where the SEC logo patch on graduates' uniforms is replaced with a special patch with the word "Graduate" underneath the conference logo. The SEC Graduate Patch was displayed on the uniforms of more than 350 SEC student-athletes during the 2018-19 academic year.

Following is a complete list student-athletes at SEC institutions who graduated in May 2019:

Cheyenne Adams (Rowing); Nathan Altstadt (Baseball); Keaton Anderson (Football); Abby Armbrecht (Gymnastics); Christian Arseneau (Men's Swimming & Diving); Knox Auerbach (Men's Swimming & Diving); Clay Austell (Men's Track & Field); Laurent Bams (Men's Swimming & Diving); Caroline Beene (Women's Swimming & Diving); Taylor Berry (Women's Basketball); Abbie Boswell (Soccer); Geoffrey Bramblett (Baseball); Jenna Bresette (Gymnastics); Gabby Callaway (Softball); Alfred Chelanga (Men's Track & Field); Makena Clark (Rowing); Robby Costine (Men's Swimming & Diving); Andie Daniell (Women's Tennis); Kylie Diffley (Rowing); Virginia Dodenhoff (Rowing); Reagan Dykes (Softball); Kyle Edwards (Football); Laura Egeland (Rowing); Peyton Ernst (Gymnastics); Lauren Fehr (Rowing); Kord Ferguson (Men's Track & Field); Connor Ferrentino (Men's Track & Field); Sam Finnerty (Baseball); Filippa Fotopoulou (Women's Track & Field); Tori Gann (Soccer); Sam Gardner (Baseball); Nicole Gardner (Women's Track & Field); Quincey Gary (Volleyball); Angelina Giancroce (Gymnastics); Daniel Giddens (Men's Basketball); Kristen Gillman (Women's Golf); Alex Green (Men's Golf); Cidavia Hall (Volleyball); Caroline Hardy (Softball); Cecily Hartman (Soccer); Evan Heldman (Men's Swimming & Diving); Hale Hentges (Football); Keith Holcombe (Baseball); Ashley Homan (Volleyball); Robert Howard (Men's Swimming & Diving); Marlon Humphrey (Football); Katie Kelsoe (Women's Swimming & Diving); Vincent Kiprop (Men's Track & Field); Brianna Koshy (Women's Track & Field); Rogria Lewis (Football); Milo Lewis (Football); Tevin Mack (Men's Basketball); Shea Mahoney (Gymnastics); Xavian Marks (Football); Monica McGraw (Rowing); Hayley McSparin (Volleyball); Scott Meyer (Football); Emma Murray (Women's Swimming & Diving); Riley Norris (Men's Basketball); Chris Owens (Football); Evan Prizy (Men's Track & Field); Nicole Raicik (Women's Swimming & Diving); Josh Rutledge (Baseball); Lawson Schaffer (Men's Basketball); Bailey Scott (Women's Swimming & Diving); Victoria Sibons (Rowing); Rachel Sowell (Rowing); Lauren Stephenson (Women's Golf); Connor Stutts (Baseball); Haley Teel (Women's Track & Field); Alexa Tomlak (Volleyball); Davis Vainer (Baseball); Tressa Vitus-Dega (Rowing); Shaquera Wade (Women's Basketball); Emelia Watts (Rowing); Matt Womack (Football); Gene Wood (Baseball); Ayanna Woods (Women's Swimming & Diving); Marian Yurchishin (Women's Swimming & Diving); Elena Zang (Soccer).

McTelvin Agim (Football); Makenzie Anderson (Gymnastics); Sydney Angell (Swimming & Diving); Madeline Barnes (Soccer); Ashley Belans (Softball); Kaylee Benton (Women's Golf); Eleanor "Ellie" Breden (Soccer); Haydi Bugarin (Softball); Annah Carney (Swimming & Diving); Jacqueline Carr (Women's Tennis); Travius Chambers (Men's Track & Field); Reece Christopherson (Soccer); Devin Clark (Women's Track & Field); Matt Cronin (Baseball); Larry Donald (Men's Track & Field); Noah Edmondson (Men's Golf); Jared Gates (Baseball); Alexander George (Men's Track & Field); Cara Gorlei (Women's Golf); Marissa Green (Swimming & Diving); Cameron J. Griffith (Men's Track & Field); Fernanda Guitron (Volleyball); Carley Haizlip (Softball); Morgan Hartsell (Women's Track & Field); Victoria Hoggard (Women's Track & Field); Carly Hoke (Soccer); Micah Huckabee (Women's Track & Field); Tess Iler (Women's Track & Field); Alexis Jacobus (Women's Track & Field); Peyton Jennings (Women's Tennis); Blake Johnson (Football); Erin Kelly (Swimming & Diving); Dylan Kim (Women's Golf); Marissa Kinsey (Soccer); Joseph Kuykendall (Football); Kristen Larkan (Women's Track & Field); Kyle Levermore (Men's Track & Field); Barrett Loseke (Baseball); George Madden (Football); Sydney McGlone (Gymnastics); Kiera Michailoff Russell (Swimming & Diving); Ethan Moehn (Men's Track & Field); Rachel Nichwitz (Women's Track & Field); Raven Northcross-Baker (Women's Basketball); Myrna Olaya (Women's Tennis); Colin O'Mara (Men's Track & Field); La'Michael Pettway (Football); Marlena Pigliacampi (Swimming & Diving); Elizabeth "Bette" Poblete (Soccer); Shwetha Prabakar (Women's Tennis); Cristin Roberts (Swimming & Diving); Weston Rogers (Baseball); Jeffrey M. Rogers (Men's Track & Field); Kailee Sawyer (Women's Track & Field); Deontae Stewart (Football); Sydney Stout (Women's Basketball); Madison Strathman (Swimming & Diving); Logan Suggs (Baseball); Erich Sullins (Men's Track & Field); James Teague (Baseball); Madison Umberger (Swimming & Diving); Caroline Welch (Swimming & Diving); Robert Wernes (Baseball); Gabriel William Moore (Men's Track & Field); John Winn (Men's Track & Field).

Jenna Abbott (Softball); Ashton Alexander (Equestrian); Montavious Atkinson (Football); Karis Beasley (Volleyball); Cassie Bebout (Women's Track & Field); Cole Blackstock (Men's Basketball); Joshua Booth (Men's Swimming & Diving); Caitlin Boyle (Equestrian); Thomas Brewer (Men's Swimming & Diving); Betsy Brown (Equestrian); Bryce Brown (Men's Basketball); Tucker Brown (Football); Kylee Carter (Women's Track & Field); Samantha Cerio (Gymnastics); Cedric Chambers (Football); Skyler Daniel (Women's Track & Field); Lauren Diaz (Equestrian); Jeremiah Dinson (Football); Lauren Dunn (Women's Swimming & Diving); Emma Engler (Gymnastics); Erin Falconer (Women's Swimming & Diving); Bri Fornis (Softball); Ali Fratessa (Equestrian); Anna Gierow (Women's Track & Field); Alannah Griffin (Women's Tennis); Marquel Harrell (Football); Will Hastings (Football); Sydney Hoffa (Equestrian); Hayley Iannotti (Equestrian); Brenda Kigen (Women's Track & Field); Griffin King (Football); Kennedy Knapic (Equestrian); Taylor Krippner (Gymnastics); Alex Ladove (Equestrian); Brandon Laubser (Men's Tennis); Scott Lazeroff (Men's Swimming & Diving); Bryan Lee (Men's Swimming & Diving); Makayla Martin (Softball); Luis Martinez (Men's Swimming & Diving); Casey McCrackin (Softball); Brenna McIlroy (Volleyball); Janiah McKay (Women's Basketball); Mattie McLawhorn (Women's Track & Field); Mackenzie Michaels (Equestrian); Abby Meadows (Softball); Ryan Meneely (Football); Sophie Milich (Softball); Abby Milliet​​​​​​​ (Gymnastics); Katie Money (Women's Swimming & Diving); Gianna Montini (Softball); Robert Muschamp (Football); Ivana Muzaric (Women's Track & Field); Russell Noletto (Men's Swimming & Diving); Grady Ottomeyer (Men's Swimming & Diving); Emma Paul (Equestrian); Erin Perkins (Women's Track & Field); Crystal Primm (Women's Basketball); Megan Rauh (Equestrian); Mark Rubalcaba (Men's Track & Field); Erica Sanders (Women's Basketball); Casey Schmitz (Equestrian); Ian Shannon (Football); Dani Solaru (Softball); Jacob Solomon (Men's Golf); Jay Spieler (Men's Track & Field); Danielle Springer (Women's Track & Field); Melanie Talbott (Women's Golf); Aly Tetzloff (Women's Swimming & Diving); Isabella Thompson (Volleyball); Taylor Troutman (Softball); Alex Tucker (Men's Track & Field); Caroline Turner (Women's Tennis); Kendall Veach (Softball); Gary Walker (Football); Shaina White (Volleyball); Darrell Williams (Football).

Sam Ahrenholz (Men's Track & Field); Paige Aldave (Lacrosse); KeVaughn Allen (Men's Basketball); Jillian Alonso (Lacrosse); Brooke Austin (Women's Tennis); Kelly Barnhill (Softball); Canyon Barry (Men's Basketball); Caroline Benitez (Lacrosse); Brittney Bennett (Soccer); Andrew Brady (Men's Swimming); Ryan Celano (Men's Golf); Amanda Cheney (Gymnastics); Robert Clay Jr. (Football); Annie Collins (Lacrosse); Kendra Cronin (Lacrosse); Andrew Fava (Men's Basketball); Asa Garcia (Women's Track & Field); Anthony Giglia (Football); Jonah Girand (Baseball); Harry Gornto (Football); Jonathan Gould (Football); Jack Guyton (Men's Track & Field); Madi Hall (Lacrosse); Kevarrius Hayes (Men's Basketball); Haley Hicklen (Lacrosse); Jabari Hill (Men's Track & Field); Morgan Hull (Women's Track & Field); Tyler Jordan (Football); Mak Krause (Men's Basketball); Ben Lawless (Men's Swimming); Jahim Lawrence (Football); David Lee Jr. (Baseball); Alix Lopez (Lacrosse); Christoph Margotti (Men's Swimming); Georgia Marris (Women's Swimming); Caroline May (Lacrosse); T.J. McCoy (Football); Michael McNeely (Football); Melanie Monteagudo (Soccer); Madison Morse (Women's Track & Field); Aaron Owens (Men's Track & Field); Elisavet Panti (Women's Swimming); Magnus Pettersen (Men's Track & Field); Sydney Pirreca (Lacrosse); Mollie Pulte (Women's Swimming); Zach Purvis (Men's Track & Field); Joseph Putu (Football); Megan Reed (Women's Track & Field); Blake Reese (Baseball); Lindsey Ronbeck (Lacrosse); Taylor Sharpe (Women's Track & Field); Corey Staples (Women's Basketball); Freddie Swain (Football); Jan Switkowski (Men's Swimming); Mark Szaranek (Men's Swimming); Jacob Tilghman (Football); Jhonny Victor (Men's Track & Field); Nick Villano (Football); Sara Wilson (Soccer);

Madison Anger (Equestrian); Ryan Avidano (Baseball); Vivi Babalis (Gymnastics); Olivia Ball (Women's Swimming & Diving); Kylie Bass (Softball); Majesti Bass (Volleyball); Alex BeMiller (Men's Swimming & Diving); Jessica Blum (Equestrian); Anna Bougas (Soccer); Hailey Branch (Women's Track & Field); Chelsie Britt (Women's Swimming & Diving); Kendall Burton (Softball); Jared Cheek (Baseball); Grace Cherrey (Gymnastics); Michal Chigbu (Football); Haley Clark (Women's Basketball); Taja Cole (Women's Basketball); Zach Cone (Baseball); Papa Diatta (Men's Basketball); Walker Duncan (Men's Tennis); Madison Duvall (Women's Swimming & Diving); John Eager (Football); Michael Edwards (Men's Basketball); Cortni Emanuel (Softball); Madeline Fagan (Women's Track & Field); Kwame Geathers (Football); Chaney Getchell (Equestrian); Sydney Gilliam (Volleyball); Brittany Gray (Softball); Allison Greene (Women's Swimming & Diving); Mariel Velasco Gutierrez (Soccer); Jeramey Hampton (Men's Track & Field); Sage Hardin (Football); Jackson Harris (Football); Christian Harrison (Men's Basketball); Louise Hogrell (Soccer); Jillian Hollis (Women's Golf); Kaitlin Houser (Volleyball); Anna Hutlas (Equestrian); Turtle Jackson (Men's Basketball); Raytez Jenkins (Men's Track & Field); William Jenkins (Women's Basketball); Lauren Johnson (Gymnastics); Tyler Jones (Men's Track & Field); Mirko Jurkovic (Football); Chase Kalisz (Men's Swimming & Diving); Anna Kate Karstens (Volleyball); Kendall Kazor (Volleyball); Nick King (Baseball); Jack Larkin (Men's Golf); Jay Litherland (Men's Swimming & Diving); Kevin Litherland (Men's Swimming & Diving); Mick Literland (Men's Swimming & Diving); David Mackey (Men's Golf); Emma Mandarino (Equestrian); Sarah McDonald (Equestrian); Mason Meadows (Baseball); Rinko Mitsunaga (Women's Golf); Nicholas Moore (Football); Alexis Mougalian (Equestrian); Daniel Navarro (Men's Track & Field); Madison Newman (Equestrian); Derek Ogbeide (Men's Basketball); Connor O'Neill (Men's Basketball); Keturah Orji (Women's Track & Field); Caroline Ostman (Volleyball); Lila Owens (Equestrian); Juwan Parker (Men's Basketball); Malkom Parrish (Football); Jonathan Pelham (Men's Track & Field); Tiffani Railey (Softball); Jonathan Raines (Men's Track & Field); Morgan Reynolds (Gymnastics); Zachary Rich (Women's Basketball); Rashad Roundtree (Football); Emily Savage (Women's Track & Field); Dyshon Sims (Football); Isabella Skinner (Women's Golf); Sydney Snead (Gymnastics); Austin Sprague (Men's Track & Field); Kylie Stewart (Women's Swimming & Diving); Graysen Stroud (Equestrian); Catherine Sullivan (Equestrian); Madison Tardy (Women's Golf); Grace Tavani (Women's Track & Field); Mary Terry (Women's Track & Field); John Theus (Football); Danielle Walawender (Equestrian); Tyler Waller (Men's Golf); Bailey Weiland (Women's Track & Field); William Wesley (Men's Swimming & Diving); Shakenneth Williams (Football); Jarvis Wilson (Football); Justin Young (Football); Jan Zielinski (Men's Tennis).

Mohammed Abubakar (Track & Field); Bowen Anderson (Swimming & Diving); Ogechi Anyagaligbo (Women's Basketball); Payton Atkins (Women's Soccer); Brayden Berezowitz (Football); Bryan Berezowitz (Football); Brad Calipari (Men's Basketball); Claire Carlin (Women's Golf); Hanna Carr (Rifle); Noah Castle (Track & Field); Abbey Cheek (Softball); Kayla Churman (Swimming & Diving); Courtney Clark (Swimming & Diving); Katrina Coca (Gymnastics); Nae Nae Cole (Women's Basketball); Latavia Coombs (Track & Field); Jonny David (Men's Basketball); Danaea Davis (Gymnastics); Kelsey Dieters (Women's Tennis); Morgan Duerr (Rifle); Sidney Dukes (Gymnastics); Lukas Euler (Men's Golf); DeQuin Evans (Football); Marie Josee Excel (Track & Field); Kailey Francetic (Swimming & Diving); Carmen Fry (Rifle); Kianna Gray (Track & Field); LaShae Halsel (Women's Basketball); Kelsee Henson (Softball); Gunnar Hoak (Football); Jordan Holt (Women's Soccer); Alex Hyland (Gymnastics); Merideth Jewell (Volleyball); Ryan Johnson (Baseball); Jarod Kehl (Swimming & Diving); Paige Kelly (Swimming & Diving); Sihiem King (Football); Grant Macciocchi (Baseball); Elijah Marta (Track & Field); Sebastian Masterton (Swimming & Diving); Haley McInerny (Swimming & Diving); Justina Mikulskyte (Women's Tennis); Brooke Morgan (Volleyball); Maci Morris (Women's Basketball); Kendall Muhammad (Track & Field); Taylor Murray (Women's Basketball); Cathryn Papasodora (Rifle); Akvile Parazinskaite (Women's Tennis); Amanda Paschal (Women's Basketball); Alaina Potts (Swimming & Diving); Sarah Rainwater (Softball); Cori Rechenmacher (Gymnastics); Katie Reed (Softball); Tavin Richardson (Football); Alex Rodriguez (Baseball); Aubree Rosa (Gymnastics); Tanya Samarzich (Women's Soccer); Jenny Schaper (Softball); Ryan Shinn (Baseball); Fadhli Soetarso (Men's Golf); Jason Spaude (Rifle); Logan Stenberg (Football); Sam Stockton (Men's Soccer); Katie Stuart (Gymnastics); Michael Summe (Swimming & Diving); Calvin Taylor Jr. (Football); William Walker (Track & Field); Meredith Whisenhunt (Swimming & Diving); Avery Williamson (Football); Caleb Wilt (Track & Field); Mason Wolfe (Football).

Emmy Allen (Beach Volleyball); Ashley Allmer (Beach Volleyball); A.J. Andrews (Softball); Olivia Beyer (Volleyball); Yasmine Bidikuindila (Women's Basketball); Kavell Bigby-Williams (Men's Basketball); Sophia Bisch (Swimming & Diving); Sydney Bourg (Softball); Hannah Bourque (Track & Field); Christian Boyd (Track & Field); Matt Brock (Football); Caroline Brockmeier, (Soccer); Brandt Broussard (Baseball); Chadd Burns (Track & Field); Julianna Cannamela (Gymnastics); Sydney Cavin (Women's Golf); Angele Cherbonnier (Swimming & Diving); Heather Cizek (Track & Field); Jeni Clark (Beach Volleyball); Claire Coppola (Beach Volleyball); Megan Davenport (Beach Volleyball); Kimberlyn Duncan (Track & Field); Antoine Duplantis (Baseball); Daryl Edwards (Men's Basketball); Sarah Finnegan (Gymnastics); Trent Forshag (Baseball); Jared Foster (Baseball); Lanard Fournette (Football); Nataliyah Friar (Track & Field); Luis Gagne (Men's Golf); Kathleen Gallagher (Women's Golf); Caleb Gilbert (Baseball); Ashleigh Gnat (Gymnastics); Jack Gonsoulin (Football); Emily Griggs (Softball); Josh Growden (Football); Kody Hall (Football); Emily Hardesty (Beach Volleyball); Alex Harp (Track & Field); Tyler Harper (Swimming & Diving); Tennyson Henry (Swimming & Diving); Elizabeth Hotard (Women's Tennis); Renard Howell (Track & Field); Nathan Jeansonne (Men's Golf); Kortnei Johnson (Track & Field); Kennan Johnson (Women's Tennis); Harrison Jones (Swimming & Diving); Lia Joslin (Swimming & Diving); Katie Kampen (Volleyball); McKenna Kelley (Gymnastics); Rileigh Knox (Swimming & Diving); Mark Laird (Baseball); Oskana Lawrence (Track & Field); Alarii Levreault-Lopez (Swimming & Diving); Chris Lewis (Track & Field); Maddie Ligon (Beach Volleyball); DC Lipani (Track & Field); Rory Luke (Football); Jane MacDougall (Swimming & Diving); Harrison Martingayle (Track & Field); Matt McClellan (Swimming & Diving); Madison McDaniel (Track & Field); Clay Moffitt (Baseball); Shane Monroe (Men's Tennis); Page Morehead (Women's Golf); Vernon Norwood (Track & Field); Kymber Payne (Track & Field); Mitchell Petras (Swimming & Diving); Gabrielle Pick (Swimming & Diving); Richard Picou (Track & Field); Arthur Price (Track & Field); Mallory Robichaux (Track & Field); Toni Rodriguez (Volleyball); Savannah Sledd (Track & Field); Thomas Smith (Swimming & Diving); Summer Spradley (Swimming & Diving); Amy Stelly (Track & Field); Milan Stokes (Volleyball); Lauren Thompson (Swimming & Diving); Elyse Thornhill (Softball); Akiya Thymes (Softball); Kaitlyn Walker (Track & Field); Allie Walljasper (Softball); Kate Zimmer (Swimming & Diving);

Ole Miss
Floyd Allen (Football); Gabe Angel (Football); Kylan Becker (Softball); Auston Bousfield (Baseball); Anna Braswell (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Beau Briggs (Men's Golf); Shelby Brown (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Parker Caracci (Baseball); Chase Cockrell (Baseball); Cody Core (Football); Matt Crouse (Baseball); Montrell Custis (Football); Carlos Davis (Football); D.C. Davis (Men's Basketball); David Dellucci (Baseball); Ross Donelly (Football); Sakisha Dovey (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Anna Elkin (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Julia England (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Alex Enright (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Donta Evans (Football); Jordan Fate (Volleyball); Audrey Fischer (Volleyball); Martina Flori (Women's Golf); Delaney Gallagher (Volleyball); Harley Gardner (Rifle); Alex Givens (Football); Connor Green (Baseball); Derek Gutierrez (Men's Track & Field/Cross Country); Myles Hartsfield (Football); Armintie Herrington (Women's Basketball); Michael Howard (Football); Sam Johnson (Football); Benito Jones (Football); Jalen Julius (Football); Marisa Kutchma (Soccer); Annika Larsson (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Kaitlin Lee (Softball); Alexis Lee (Volleyball); Keith Lewis (Football); Torri Lewis (Women's Basketball); Armani Linton (Football); Gabby Little (Soccer); Randi Loudin (Rifle); Bryce Mathews (Football); Jeff McAvoy (Baseball); Marnie Merritt (Soccer); Art Mitchell (Football); Cecilia Muhate (Women's Basketball); Leah Mulkey (Volleyball); Lindsey Murray (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Dominik Olejnicza (Men's Basketball); Ryan Olenek (Baseball); Jason Pellerin (Football); Jack Propst (Football); Kie Purdom (Women's Golf); Mark Robertson (Men's Track & Field/Cross Country); Austrian Robinson (Football); Andre Rone (Football); Allie Sanford (Women's Tennis); Cody Satterwhite (Baseball); Josh Seiple (Men's Golf); D.T. Shackleford (Football); Qaadir Sheppard (Football); Chris Snopek (Baseball); Breeland Speaks (Football); BruceSteven (Men's Basketball); Janeah Stewart (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Eric Swinney (Football); Jordan Ta'amu (Football); Mike Taylor (Football); Callie Watson (Women's Track & Field/Cross Country); Keshun Wells (Football); Izzy Werdann (Softball); Stacy Wilson (Football); J.B. Woodman (Baseball); Zedrick Woods (Football); Alex Yarbrough (Baseball).

Mississippi State
Calyn Adams (Softball); Luke Alexander (Baseball); Elva Astthorsdottir (Soccer); Joel Baldwin (Football); Trysten Barlow (Baseball); Morgan Bell (Softball); Logan Boss (Women's Track & Field); Niclas Braun (Men's Tennis); Zion Campbell (Women's Basketball); Kristian Carr (Volleyball); Brian Cole (Football); Lawrence Crawford (Men's Track & Field); Rhylee DeCrane (Soccer); Shannon Fair (Women's Track & Field); Trevor Foshey (Men's Tennis); Payton Harris (Volleyball); Emily Heimberger (Softball); Aric Holman (Men's Basketball); Jazzmun Holmes (Women's Basketball); Katie Holt (Women's Golf); Keegan James (Baseball); Justin Johnson (Football); Traver Jung (Football); Morgan Kath (Volleyball); Madelyn Lee (Women's Track & Field); Nicholas Lewis (Men's Track & Field); Alon Lewis (Women's Track & Field); Jared Liebelt (Baseball); Kyle Love (Football); James Mackay (Men's Track & Field); Kiley Martens (Soccer); Teaira McCowan (Women's Basketball); Brooke McKee (Soccer); Mark McLaurin (Football); Mia Meydrich (Women's Track & Field); Alec Murphy (Football); Spencer Price (Baseball); Rhianwedd Price (Women's Track & Field); Willie-Lionel Reed (Men's Track & Field); Quintin Reiser (Men's Track & Field); Christian Roberson (Football); Courtney Robicheaux (Soccer); Bevia Robinson (Softball); John Dalton Rohr (Men's Track & Field); Austin Rose (Men's Golf); Trevor Stingers (Football); Kristy Terp (Women's Track & Field); Deddrick Thomas (Football); Zaria Tillman (Women's Track & Field); Sabrina Turner (Softball); Holly Ward (Softball); Tim Washington (Football); Zachary Weaver (Men's Track & Field).

Samson Bailey (Football); Luigi Botta (Men's Golf); Joey Burkett (Football); Wilton Crocker (Men's Track & Field); Alexa Ethridge (Volleyball); Kaitlyn Fischer (Women's Track & Field); Kayla Michael (Women's Basketball); Nick Nasenbeny (Wrestling); Madison Norman (Softball); Alex Ofodile (Football); Martin Wallace (Men's Swimming & Diving); Clara Young (Women's Golf); Anthony Ashley (Men's Swimming & Diving); Madeline McKernan (Women's Swimming & Diving); Clare Raley (Tennis); Riley Sents (Volleyball); Erica Rideout (Women's Track & Swimming); Ali Kreklow (Volleyball); Erin Metzger-Seymour (Women's Swimming & Diving); Sam Ritchie (Wrestling); Corey Fatony (Football); Jordyn Kleve (Women's Track & Field); James Siegfried (Men's Golf); Sara Young (Women's Track & Swimming); Kira Zubar (Women's Swimming & Diving); Kylie Dahlgren (Women's Swimming & Diving); William Fife (Men's Track & Field); Nolan Gromacki (Baseball); Daniel Lewis (Wrestling); Evan Schulte (Men's Track & Field); Luke Fortuna (Wrestling); Jordan Geist (Men's Basketball); Regan Nash (Softball); Kevin Puryear (Men's Basketball); Jordan Roundtree (Women's Basketball); Jacob Trump (Football); Dylan Wisman (Wrestling); Matt Berler (Baseball); Luigi Botta (Men's Golf); Nate Brown (Football); Lake Dabney (Baseball); Preston Fleenor (Men's Golf); Connor Flynn (Wrestling); Thomas Grossman (Football); AJ Harris (Football); Cayce Hendrickson (Women's Golf); Amanda Kim (Women's Golf); Trevor Mallett (Baseball); Luke Mankus (Men's Swimming & Diving); Jordan O'Brien (Men's Swimming & Diving); Nicholas Scherer (Wrestling); Donald Stimble (Men's Golf); Dalton Voyles (Wrestling); Carolyn White (Women's Track & Field); Clara Young (Women's Golf); Franklin Agbasimere (Football); Nate Anderson (Football); Rashad Brandon (Football); Connor Brumfield (Baseball); Raime Cohen (Softball); Landon Cuskelly (Men's Track & Field); Ellen Deturris (Women's Track & Field); Jonah Dubinski (Football); Richaud Floyd (Football); Emily Hahn (Women's Track & Field); Aurore Jacolin (Women's Swimming & Diving); Kurtis Klay (Men's Track & Field); Cecelia Kowalski (Women's Swimming & Diving); Madeline McKernan (Women's Swimming & Diving); Rachel McPheeters (Women's Golf); Tony Ortiz (Baseball); Walter Palmore (Football); Ronnie Suggs (Men's Basketball); Cosette Tomita (Softball); Jacob Wielinski (Men's Swimming & Diving); Adam Wolf (Men's Basketball); Allison Bower (Gymnastics); Avery Carter (Men's Track & Field); Payton Conrad (Women's Swimming & Diving); Austin Eveler (Wrestling); Courtney Evensen (Women's Swimming & Diving); Tyrell Jacobs (Football); Brooke Kelly (Gymnastics); Tyler LaPlante (Baseball); Xarria Lewis (Gymnastics); Seth Pesek (Wrestling); Katelyn Smith (Women's Track & Field); Hannah Stevens (Women's Swimming & Diving); Matthew Striegel (Wrestling); Britney Ward (Gymnastics); Taylor Watkins (Wrestling); Kira Zubar (Women's Swimming & Diving).

South Carolina
Aliyah Abrams (Women's Track & Field); Gaby Amos (Women's Golf); Emily Barksdale (Women's Swimming & Diving); AJ Baumann (Beach Volleyball); Cody Bekemeyer (Men's Swimming & Diving); Shameik Blackshear (Football); Mackenzie Boesel (Softball); Ben Bonhurst (Men's Track & Field); Toure Boyd (Football); Quinn Brandt (Equestrian); Madison Brayman (Equestrian); Blake Camper (Football); Joseph Charlton (Football); Kennedy Clark (Softball); Paige Cline (Women's Tennis); Doniyah Cliney (Women's Basketball); Breanna Cole (Women's Track & Field); Te'a Cooper (Women's Basketball); Nick Couchell (Men's Track & Field); Chris Cullen (Baseball); Marissa DelGado (Women's Swimming & Diving); Maiya Dendy (Women's Track & Field); Yancy Dennis (Men's Tennis); Mon Denson (Football); Spencer Eason-Riddle (Football); Claire Edwards (Volleyball); Aubrey Ezell (Volleyball); Chandler Farrell (Football); Eric Favors (Men's Track & Field); Ingrid Gamarra Martins (Women's Tennis); Terry Googer (Football); Hassani Gravett (Men's Basketball); Bailey Hart (Football); Sarah Isgett (Equestrian); Mikaela Lujan (Women's Swimming & Diving); Kenzi Maguire (Softball); Ahmed Mahmoud (Men's Swimming & Diving); Kyle Markway (Football); Katherine McComas (Women's Swimming & Diving); Ian McGrane (Men's Soccer); Will Miles (Men's Golf); Fynn Minuth (Men's Swimming & Diving); Isaiah Moore (Men's Track & Field); Allie Mueller (Women's Track & Field); Savannah Murray (Volleyball); Wesley Myers (Men's Basketball); Colleen Openshaw (Women's Track & Field); Milan Parks (Women's Track & Field); Christian Pellage (Football); Kirklen Petersen (Equestrian); Will Putnam (Football); John Ragin (Men's Basketball); Marisa Rasnick (Women's Swimming & Diving); Connor Redmond (Football); Ty Jaye Robbins (Men's Track & Field); Rachel Rohrabacher (Women's Tennis); Jason Senn (Football); Chris Silva (Men's Basketball); Bryce Simpson (Men's Track & Field); Caroline Skaff (Beach Volleyball); Jackson Smith (Men's Swimming & Diving); Alycia Springs (Women's Track & Field); Ryan Stachler (Men's Golf); Makyla Stanley (Women's Track & Field); Scott Stevens (Men's Golf); Andre Streete (Men's Soccer); Yohance Thomas (Men's Track & Field); Benjamin Thoms (Men's Track & Field); Caleb Tosh (Men's Swimming & Diving); Lizzie van der Walde (Equestrian); Allison Wade (Women's Swimming & Diving); Simone Wark (Women's Soccer/Women's Track & Field); Bridgett White (Equestrian); Shannon Williams (Beach Volleyball); Tye Williams (Men's Track & Field); Delaney Wood (Beach Volleyball); Armand Woodley (Men's Track & Field).

Emily Allen (Swimming & Diving); Katie Armitage (Swimming & Diving); Paul Bain (Football); Madeline Banic (Swimming & Diving); Haley Bearden (Softball); Demonte Bolden (Football); Hayden Burns (Swimming & Diving); Lucas Campbell (Men's Basketball); Gabriella Cantrell (Track & Field); Joey Cave (Football); Kathryn Cosgrove (Rowing); Alex Dawson (Rowing); Alex Dawson (Rowing); Matthew Dunphy (Swimming & Diving); Kristen Freeman (Rowing); MaLeik Gatewood (Football); Kirsten Girard (Rowing); MacKenzie Gouner (Soccer); Loran Grant (Rowing); Jarrett Guarantano (Football); Sadie Hammons (Women's Tennis); Nate Harper (Track & Field); Kamera Harris (Women's Basketball); Will Heflin (Baseball); Allison Herring (Women's Golf); Andre Hillsman (Track & Field); Savannah Huffstetler (Softball); Meme Jackson (Women's Basketball); Jauan Jennings (Football); Breana Jeter (Volleyball); Carrie Johnson (Swimming & Diving); Jack Jones (Football); Brianna Leverenz (Swimming & Diving); Abby Lockman (Softball); Zach Long (Track & Field); Ariana Macioce (Women's Golf); Danielle Marcano (Soccer); Kwantreyl McConico (Track & Field); Peighton Meske (Track & Field); Sean Meyers (Swimming & Diving); Gina Michael (Rowing); Matty Moss (Softball); Maya Neal (Track & Field/Soccer); Will Neely (Baseball); Rylie O'Keefe (Soccer); Jose Parrilla (Track & Field); Christina Paspalas (Swimming & Diving); Ty Powers (Swimming & Diving); Elizabeth Profit (Women's Tennis) Trey Quealy (Track & Field); Nolan Ray (Men's Golf); Joey Reilman (Swimming & Diving); Sam Rice (Swimming & Diving); Drew Richmond (Football); Jessica Rizor (Track & Field); Wesley Robinson (Track & Field); Stamatia Scarvelis (Track & Field); Admiral Schofield (Men's Basketball); Brooke Schumacher (Volleyball); Bunny Shaw (Soccer); Austin Smith (Football); Stephanie Spencer (Volleyball); Felipe Strobach (Men's Golf); Laszlo Toser (Football); Preston Touliatos (Men's Tennis); Erica Treiber (Volleyball); Lamonte Turner (Men's Basketball); Daniel Vasquez (Baseball); Haley Wagner (Women's Golf); Katie Weimer (Softball); Seth Whitener (Track & Field); Grant Williams (Men's Basketball); Eli Wolf (Football); Brad Woodson (Men's Basketball); Weldon Wright (Track & Field).

Texas A&M
Chris Andritsos (Baseball); Madison Bohman (Equestrian); Brock Bonetti (Men's Swimming & Diving); Connor Bootz (Men's Track & Field); Drew Boroughs (Football); Caroline Boyle (Equestrian); Valarie Bradley (Women's Track & Field); Lisa Bratton (Women's Swimming & Diving); Alexandra Buscher (Women's Swimming & Diving); Hannah Campbell (Women's Track & Field); Elijah Canal (Men's Track & Field); Jorie Caneta (Women's Swimming & Diving); Mauro Castillo Luna (Men's Swimming & Diving); Lizette Chapa (Women's Track & Field); Rebekah Chenelle (Equestrian); Taylor Clayton (Men's Track & Field); Christopher Collins (Men's Basketball); Kathryn Conklin (Equestrian); Emily Davis (Equestrian); Ashton Dunkel (Equestrian); Justin Dunning (Football); Justin Dworaczyk (Football); Roney Elam (Football); Riley Garner (Football); Admon Gilder (Men's Basketball); Esther Gonzalez Medina (Women's Swimming & Diving); Rachel Hake (Equestrian); Nathan Hite (Men's Track & Field); Nicolette Keys (Women's Track & Field); Ioannis Kyriazis (Men's Track & Field); Daniel LaCamera (Football); Connor Lanfear (Football); Claudette Lassandro (Soccer); Daylon Mack (Football); Kristin Malone (Women's Swimming & Diving); Braden Mann (Football); Zachariah Martin (Men's Track & Field); McKayla Martin (Soccer); Amelia McElhinney (Women's Track & Field); Lulu McKinney (Women's Basketball); Justin Morey (Men's Swimming & Diving); Miah Nelson (Women's Track & Field); Macarena Olivares Lopez (Women's Tennis); Sarah Orsak (Equestrian); Nadya Pakes (Women's Track & Field); Brianna Peddicord (Equestrian); Jacob Perry (Men's Track & Field); Larry Pryor (Football); Steven Richardson (Men's Swimming & Diving); Kathryn Ritchie (Soccer); Riley Sartain (Softball); Brianna Sims (Equestrian); Ashley Sioco (Equestrian); Alexis Smith (Softball); Madalaine Stulce (Women's Track & Field); Maddie Szeryk (Women's Golf); Kaitlin Tanner (Women's Track & Field); Augusta Thomason (Women's Track & Field); David Torkington (Men's Track & Field); Jonathan Tybur (Men's Swimming & Diving); Carissa Van Beek (Women's Track & Field); Austin Van Overdam (Men's Swimming & Diving); Callyn Walton (Soccer); Ally Watt (Soccer); Jerik Wong (Men's Swimming & Diving).

Melanie Becker (Women's Lacrosse); Mary Beckwith (Women's Swimming); Tyler Beede (Baseball); Grace Bell (Women's Lacrosse); Julie Blaze (Women's Lacrosse); Hadley Brown (Women's Lacrosse); Caleb Casolaro (Men's Cross Country); Vikram Chari (Men's Tennis); Eun Sol Chon (Women's Swimming); Brook Colangelo (Women's Soccer); Fernanda Contreras (Women's Tennis); Joshua Crawford (Football); Mary Claire Dachille (Women's Lacrosse); Darion DeBrossard (Football); Kristen Denk (Women's Track); Sam Dobbs (Football); Summer Dvorak (Women's Tennis); Madison Eaker (Women's Swimming); Jennifer Edobi (Women's Track); Trey Ellis (Football); Kiambu Fentress (Baseball); David Floyd (Football); AJ Franklin (Baseball); Johanna Goldblatt (Women's Swimming); Will Gordon (Men's Golf); Jordan Griffin (Football); Walker Grisanti (Baseball); Devin Grisbaum (Women's Cross Country); Bree Horrocks (Women's Basketball); Virginia Hutton (Women's Cross Country); Julian Infante (Baseball); Andrew Jacobe (Men's Golf); Patrick Martin (Men's Golf); Kade Mayle (Football); Alim Muhammad (Football); Jordan Newham (Women's Bowling); Ethan Paul (Baseball); Caleb Peart (Football); Ean Pfeifer (Football); Kristin Quah (Women's Bowling); Patrick Raby (Baseball); Gabby Rademaker (Women's Soccer); Alex Rasmussen (Women's Lacrosse); Alex Ross (Men's Tennis); Matt Ryan (Men's Basketball); Stephen Scott (Baseball); Donovan Sheffield (Football); Emily Smith (Women's Tennis); Joshua Smith (Football); Lexi Smith (Women's Lacrosse); Alex Stump (Football); Evan Suzman (Men's Cross Country); Parker Thome (Football); Joe Toye (Men's Basketball); Louis Vecchio (Football); Jason Vincze (Men's Cross Country); Jackie Welch (Women's Soccer); Yanni Wetzell (Men's Basketball); Courtney Zeng (Women's Golf).