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SEC Football Officiating Evaluation and Accountability

1496 days ago

SEC Football Officiating Evaluation and Accountability

Annual Evaluation Process:

Every official is evaluated in the following categories:

  • Prior to the start of each season, every official participates in a fitness test. Each official must meet or exceed the standards for both Stamina and Agility tests.
  • Each official participates in a preseason officiating clinic rules test which is scored and evaluated on the official's knowledge of NCAA football rules.
  • The in-season accountability process, as explained below, is used throughout the season.
  • A composite of weekly video evaluation grades is averaged to develop an annual video evaluation grade for each official.
  • The Coordinator and his Position Specialists complete a peer ranking for every official at each position.
  • Comprehensive evaluation by the Conference Coordinator of Officials for each official.

On Accountability:

  • All SEC officials are held accountable for their overall body of their work and the work of their crew, which is reviewed on a weekly and annual basis.
  • Every call by each official during every game is analyzed by a team of experienced position evaluators. These evaluations take place both in-game and through post-game video evaluation.
  • These ongoing performance evaluations are used to determine game assignments, SEC Championship Game and post-season bowl assignments, compensation levels and ultimately, whether an official is invited to return for the following season.
  • In addition to serving as an important evaluation tool for each official and crew, this extensive review process is utilized for continuous training and education of the entire officiating roster.
  • During the season, officials may have their assignments altered based on in-season performance. The SEC typically will not publicly announce those decisions.