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The SEC in the National Pro Fastpitch Draft

120 days ago
SEC Staff
Photo: Scott Clarke / ESPN Images

Since 2004, 118 softball student-athletes from the SEC have been selected in the National Pro Fastpitch Draft.

Seven SEC student-athletes were top picks in the draft. Iyhia McMichael from Mississippi State was the NPF's first-ever draft selection in 2004, followed by Tennessee's Lindsay Schutzler (2007), Alabama's Charlotte Morgan (2010) and Kelsi Dunne (2011), and LSU's Brittany Mack (2012) and Rachele Fico (2013), and Florida's Kelly Barnhill (2019).

Florida leads all SEC teams with 18 draft selections in program history, with eight players that were Top 10 picks. Georgia and LSU each have had 16 selections, and Tennessee with 15. Auburn has tallied 11 selections, while Alabama has 10 to its credit. Missouri and Texas A&M each have had seven, followed by Kentucky and Mississippi State with six apiece, and Arkansas, Ole Miss and South Carolina with two each.

Jackie McClain 2004 New England Riptide
Ashley Courtney 2005 New England Riptide
Stephanie VanBrakle 2006 Philadelphia Force
Jordan Praytor 2008 New England Riptide
Ashley Holcombe 2009 Rockford Thunder
Charlotte Morgan 2010 USSSA Pride
Kelsi Dunne 2011 NPF Diamonds
Whitney Larson 2011 NPF Diamonds
Haley McCleney 2016 USSSA Pride
Alexis Osorio 2018 Cleveland Comets
Devon Wallace 2015 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Nicole Schroeder 2017 Akron Racers
Angel Bunner 2012 Carolina Diamonds
Morgan Estell 2015 Akron Racers
Branndi Melero 2015 Chicago Bandits
Emily Carosone 2016 Chicago Bandits
Kaylee Carlson 2018 Aussie Spirit
Victoria Draper 2018 Beijing Eagles
Kendall Veach 2019 Beijing Eagles
Casey McCrackin 2019 Beijing Eagles
Morgan Podany 2019 Beijing Eagles
Bree Fornis 2019 Beijing Eagles
Makayla Martin 2019 Cleveland Comets
Jenny Gladding 2004 NY/NJ Juggernaut
Kim Waleszonia 2009 Washington Glory
Stacey Nelson 2009 Washington Glory
Francesca Enea 2010 USSSA Pride
Kelsey Bruder 2011 USSSA Pride
Megan Bush 2011 Akron Racers
Aja Paculba 2011 NPF Diamonds
Michelle Moultrie 2012 USSSA Pride
Lauren Haeger 2015 Dallas Charge
Kelsey Stewart 2016 USSSA Pride
Kristi Merritt 2016 USSSA Pride
Taylore Fuller 2016 Scrap Yard Dawgs
Aubree Munro 2016 USSSA Pride
Delanie Gourley 2017 Scrap Yard Dawgs
Aleshia Ocasio 2018 Chicago Bandits
Nicole DeWitt 2018 USSSA Pride
Kelly Barnhill 2019 Chicago Bandits
Amanda Lorenz 2019 USSSA Pride
Nicole Barber 2004 Colorado Altitude
Kim Wendland 2005 New England Riptide
Kellie Middleton 2007 Akron Racers
Kasi Carroll 2007 Akron Racers
Megan McAllister 2007 Philadelphia Force
Taylor Schlopy 2011 Akron Racers
Megan Wiggins 2011 Chicago Bandits
Alisa Goler 2011 Chicago Bandits
Kristyn Sandberg 2012 USSSA Pride
Tess Sito 2013 Akron Racers
Alex Hugo 2016 Akron Racers
Chelsea Wilkinson 2016 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Sydni Emaneul 2017 Akron Racers
Brittany Gray 2018 Beijing Eagles
Cortni Emanuel 2018 USSSA Pride
Alyssa DiCarlo 2019 Chicago Bandits
Molly Johnson 2010 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Megan Yocke 2011 Akron Racers
Kelsey Nunley 2016 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Christian Stokes 2016 Akron Racers
Abbey Cheek 2019 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Katie Reed 2019 Akron Racers
LaDonia Hughes 2004 San Antonio Armadillos
Stephanie Hill 2006 Connecticut Brakettes
Leslie Klein 2007 Philadelphia Force
Emily Turner 2007 Philadelphia Force
Rachel Mitchell 2010 Chicago Bandits
Brittany Mack 2012 USSSA Pride
Rachele Fico 2013 Akron Racers
AJ Andrews 2015 Chicago Bandits
Kellsi Kloss 2016 Chicago Bandits
Sandra Simmons 2016 Akron Racers
Bianka Bell 2016 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Sahvanna Jaquish 2017 Chicago Bandits
Bailey Landry 2017 Texas Charge
Allie Walljasper 2018 Beijing Eagles
Carley Hoover 2018 Cleveland Comets
Amanda Sanchez 2019 Cleveland Comets
Ole Miss
R.T. Cantillo 2014 Chicago Bandits
Kaitlin Lee 2018 Aussie Spirit
Mississippi State
Iyhia McMichael 2004 Akron Racers
Jennifer Jessup 2004 New England Riptide
Jennifer Waterman 2004 Texas Thunder
Courtney Bures 2008 Washington Glory
Kayla Winkfield 2016 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Alexis Silkwood 2017 Akron Racers
Rachel McGinnis 2004 New England Riptide
Micaela Minner 2009 Akron Racers
Jenna Marston 2013 Chicago Bandits
Chelsea Thomas 2013 USSSA Pride
Sami Fagan 2016 Akron Racers
Emily Crane 2016 Scrap Yard Dawgs
Taylor Gadbois 2016 Dallas Charge
South Carolina
Ashley Smith 2006 Akron Racers
Samie Garcia 2013 NY/NJ Comets
Kristi Durant 2006 New England Riptide
Sarah Fekete 2006 Philadelphia Force
Lindsay Schutzler 2007 Chicago Bandits
Monica Abbott 2007 Washington Glory
India Chiles 2007 Akron Racers
Tonya Callahan 2008 Rockford Thunder
Shannon Doepking 2008 Akron Racers
Lillian Hammond 2009 Philadelphia Force
Kelly Grieve 2011 Akron Racers
Rhiannon Kliesing 2011 NPF Diamonds
Ivy Renfroe 2013 Akron Racers
Raven Chavanne 2013 Chicago Bandits
Madison Shipman 2014 USSSA Pride
Lexi Overstreet 2016 Scrap Yard Dawgs
Megan Greer 2017 Akron Racers
Texas A&M
Adrian Gregory 2005 Texas Thunder
Nicole Robinson 2005 Texas Thunder
Sharonda McDonald 2007 Philadelphia Force
Megan Gibson 2008 Philadelphia Force
Mel Dumezich 2013 Chicago Bandits
Nicole Morgan 2014 Pennsylvania Rebellion
Riley Sartain 2019 Aussie Peppers