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2021 SEC Swimming & Diving Awards Announced

407 days ago
SEC Staff
Photo: John Kelley | Georgia Athletics

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - The Southeastern Conference announced its annual men's and women's swimming & diving awards to cap the 2020-21 season.

Shaine Casas of Texas A&M was selected as the Male Swimmer of the Year, and Jake Magahey of Georgia was voted the Male Freshman Swimmer of the Year. Juan Celaya-Hernandez of LSU was tabbed as the Male Diver, while Bryden Hattie of Tennessee was named the Male Freshman Diver of the Year. Anthony Nesty of Florida was chosen as the Men's Swimming Coach of the Year, and Ted Hautau of Kentucky earned the Men's Diving Coach of the Year award.

Rhyan White of Alabama was named as the Female Swimmer of the Year, and Mona McSharry of Tennessee was chosen the Female Freshman Swimmer of the Year. Charlye Campbell of Texas A&M was voted the Female Diver of the Year, while Montserrat Guiterrez Lavenant of LSU was tabbed as the Female Freshman Diver of the Year. Lars Jorgensen of Kentucky was voted the Women's Swimming Coach of the Year, and Jay Lerew of Texas A&M was tabbed the Women's Diving Coach of the Year.

For the All-SEC Teams, the First Team consists of the top finisher in each event at the SEC Championships, and the Second Team consists of the second- and third-place finishers in each event. The All-Freshman Teams consist of any redshirt or true freshman who finished either in the top eight or is the highest scoring freshman of each event at the SEC Championships, excluding relay events.

The complete list of the 2021 SEC Swimming & Diving All-SEC Awards is as follows:

Male Swimmer of the Year: Shaine Casas, Texas A&M
Male Freshmen Swimmer of the Year: Jake Magahey, Georgia
Men's Swimming Coach of the Year: Anthony Nesty, Florida
Male Diver of the Year: Juan Celaya-Hernandez, LSU
Male Freshman Diver of the Year: Bryden Hattie, Tennessee
Men's Diving Coach of the Year: Ted Hautau, Kentucky

Female Swimmer of the Year: Rhyan White, Alabama
Female Freshman Swimmer of the Year: Mona McSharry, Tennessee
Women's Swimming Coach of the Year: Lars Jorgensen, Kentucky
Female Diver of the Year: Charlye Champbell, Texas A&M
Female Freshmen Diver of the Year: Montserrat Guiterrez Lavenant, LSU
Women's Diving Coach of the Year: Jay Lerew, Texas A&M

Commissioner's Trophy
Kieran Smith, Florida
Shaine Casas, Texas A&M

Rhyan White, Alabama
Zoie Hartman, Georgia

All-SEC First Team
Matt King, Alabama
Jonathan Berneburg, Alabama
Sam DiSette, Alabama
Colton Stogner, Alabama
Adam Cheney, Florida
Will Davis, Florida
Bobby Finke, Florida
Eric Friese, Florida
Dillon Hillis, Florida
Kieran Smith, Florida
Javi Acevedo, Georgia
Jake Magahey, Georgia
Camden Murphy, Georgia
Luca Urlando, Georgia
Juan Celaya-Hernandez, LSU
Lyubomir Epitropov, Tennessee
Bryden Hattie, Tennessee
Clayton Bobo, Texas A&M
Kaloyan Bratanov, Texas A&M
Shaine Casas, Texas A&M
Kurtis Mathews, Texas A&M
Mark Theall, Texas A&M

Kalia Antoniou, Alabama
Cora Dupre, Alabama
Flora Molnar, Alabama
Morgan Scott, Alabama
Rhyan White, Alabama
Kaila Wong, Alabama
Ashley McCool, Florida
Gabi Fa'Amausili, Georgia
Courtney Harnish, Georgia
Zoie Hartman, Georgia
Dakota Luther, Georgia
Maxine Parker, Georgia
Riley Gaines, Kentucky
Izzy Gati, Kentucky
Lauren Poole, Kentucky
Sophie Sorenson, Kentucky
Kaitlynn Wheeler, Kentucky
Savana Trueb, Missouri
Kristen Stege, Tennessee
Charlye Campbell, Texas A&M

All-SEC Second Team
Derek Maas, Alabama
Matthew Menke, Alabama
Miguel Cancel, Florida
Clark Beach, Florida
Trey Freeman, Florida
Jack Dalmolin, Georgia
Dillon Downing, Georgia
Bradley Dunham, Georgia
Ian Grum, Georgia
Zach Hils, Georgia
Greg Reed, Georgia
Mingli Zhang, Kentucky
Brooks Curry, LSU
Jack Dahlgren, Missouri
Takuto Endo, Missouri
Kyle Leach, Missouri
Danny Kovac, Missouri
Carlo Lopez, Missouri
Ben Patton, Missouri
Grant Reed, Missouri
Freddie Rindshoej, Missouri
Michael Houlie, Tennessee
Jace Brown, Texas A&M
Tanner Olson, Texas A&M

Tanesha Lucoe, Alabama
Kensey McMahon, Alabama
Diana Petkova, Alabama
Peyton Palsha, Arkansas
Brooke Schultz, Arkansas
Talia Bates, Florida
Kathleen Golding, Florida
Katelyn Mack, Florida
Nikki Miller, Florida
Vanessa Pearl, Florida
Jillian Barczyk, Georgia
Danielle Della Torre, Georgia
Callie Dickinson, Georgia
Bailey Bonnett, Kentucky
Caitlin Brooks, Kentucky
Gillian Davey, Kentucky
Kyndal Knight, Kentucky
Amy Feddersen, Missouri
Megan Keil, Missouri
Alex Moderski, Missouri
Meredith Rees, Missouri
Sarah Thompson, Missouri
Molly Winer, Missouri
Bailey Grinter, Tennessee
Kaitlin Harty, Tennessee
Mona McSharry, Tennessee
Tjasa Pintar, Tennessee
Trude Rothrock, Tennessee
Megan Sichterman, Tennessee
Natalie Ungaretti, Tennessee
Alexis Yager, Tennessee
Taylor Pike, Texas A&M
Chloe Stepanek, Texas A&M
Aimee Wilson, Texas A&M

All-Freshman Team
Matt King, Alabama
Eric Stelmar, Alabama
Amro Al-Wir, Florida
Adam Chaney, Florida
Jace Crawford, Florida
Tommy-Lee Camblong, Georgia
Jake Magahey, Georgia
Luca Urlando, Georgia
Sam Duncan, Kentucky
Zane Rosely, Kentucky
Mitchell Mason, LSU
Takuto Endo, Missouri
Freddie Rindshoej, Missouri
Bryden Hattie, Tennessee

Gracie Felner, Alabama
Diana Petkova, Alabama
Maia Goldstein, Auburn
Kensley Merritt, Auburn
Hannah Ownbey, Auburn
Elise Bauer, Florida
Kathleen Golding, Florida
Cecilia Porter, Florida
Amanda Ray, Florida
Maxine Parker, Georgia
Torie Buerger, Kentucky
Montserrat Lavenant, LSU
Mona McSharry, Tennessee
Chloe Stepanek, Texas A&M