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Sixty-seven SEC players selected in 2021 MLB Draft

448 days ago
SEC Staff
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (July 12, 2021)-----The 2021 Major League Baseball Draft concluded on Tuesday with 15 Southeastern Conference players selected by 13 different teams. A total of 67 SEC players were selected during the three-day draft.

Each SEC school had at least one player drafted, including players from 10 different schools in the first three rounds. Arkansas led the way with nine selections, while South Carolina had eight, and Florida, Tennessee and Vanderbilt had seven.

Among the 30 Major League clubs, 26 drafted at least one former SEC player. The Los Angeles Angels and Florida Marlins each drafted five SEC players, and the Washington Nationals and Cleveland Indians drafted four.

Four SEC pitchers were selected in the first 19 picks of the draft on Sunday. Vanderbilt's Jack Leiter was the first SEC player taken with the second overall pick by the Texas Rangers. Teammate Kumar Rocker was taken 10th overall by the New York Mets, followed by Mississippi State's Will Bednar by the San Francisco Giants at pick No. 14 and Ole Miss' Gunnar Hoglund with the 19th selection by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Forty-eight SEC players were drafted on Tuesday, which included rounds 2-10. The 2021 MLB Draft consisted of 20 rounds.

SEC In The 2021 MLB Draft

Round 1

2. Jack Leiter, Texas Rangers (Vanderbilt)

10. Kumar Rocker, New York Mets (Vanderbilt)

14. Will Bednar, San Francisco Giants (Mississippi State)

19. Gunnar Hoglund, Toronto Blue Jays (Ole Miss)

Round 2

40. Jud Fabian, Boston Red Sox (Florida)

42. Ryan Bliss, Arizona Diamondbacks (Auburn)

44. Jaden Hill, Colorado Rockies (LSU)

58. Doug Nikhazy, Cleveland Indians (Ole Miss)

Competitive Balance Round B

66. Peyton Wilson, Kansas City Royals (Alabama)

69. Tommy Mace, Cleveland Indians (Florida)

Round 3

74. Dylan Smith, Detroit Tigers (Alabama)

76. John Rhodes, Baltimore Orioles (Kentucky)

80. Landon Marceaux, Los Angeles Angels (LSU)

99. Kevin Kopps, San Diego Padres (Arkansas)

Round 4

110. Luke Murphy, Los Angeles Angels (Vanderbilt)

112. Dustin Saenz, Washington Nationals (Texas A&M)

113. Bryce Miller, Seattle Mariners (Texas A&M)

118. Tanner Allen, Miami Marlins (Mississippi State)

121. Chad Dallas, Toronto Blue Jays (Tennessee)

123. Christian Franklin, Chicago Cubs (Arkansas)

125. Ryan Webb, Cleveland Indians (Georgia)

Round 5

136. Nathan Hickey, Boston Red Sox (Florida)

139. Eric Cerantola, Kansas City Royals (Mississippi State)

141. Brett Kerry, Los Angeles Angels (South Carolina)

142. Christian Scott, New York Mets (Florida)

149. Brady Allen, Miami Marlins (South Carolina)

150. Thomas Farr, Cincinnati Reds (South Carolina)

154. Liam Spence, Chicago Cubs (Tennessee)

158. C.J. Rodriguez, Oakland A's (Vanderbilt)

159. Christian MacLeod, Minnesota Twins (Mississippi State)

160. Max Ferguson, San Diego Padres (Tennessee)

Round 6

164. Chase Lee, Texas Rangers (Alabama)

179. Sam Praytor, Miami Marlins (Alabama)

183. Richard Fitts, New York Yankees (Auburn)

185. Taylor Broadway, Chicago White Sox (Ole Miss)

Round 7

197. Connor Pavolony, Baltimore Orioles (Tennessee)

201. Ryan Costeiu, Los Angeles Angels (Arkansas)

203. Jacob Young, Washington Nationals (Florida)

216. Jack Leftwich, Cleveland Indians (Florida)

219. Jake Rucker, Minnesota Twins (Tennessee)

Round 8

233. Will Frizzell, Washington Nationals (Texas A&M)

244. Casey Opitz, Chicago Cubs (Arkansas)

251. Patrick Wicklander, Tampa Bay Rays (Arkansas)

252. Ben Harris, Los Angeles Dodgers (Georgia)

Round 9

256. Tyler Miller, Boston Red Sox (Auburn)

267. Brannon Jordan, Milwaukee Brewers (South Carolina)

282. Lael Lockhart, Los Angeles Dodgers (Arkansas)

Round 10

285. Austin Schultz, Detroit Tigers (Kentucky)

288. Hugh Fisher, Arizona Diamondbacks (Vanderbilt)

291. Andrew Peters, Los Angeles Angels (South Carolina)

297. Wes Clarke, Milwaukee Brewers (South Carolina)

306. Franco Aleman, Cleveland Indians (Florida)

Round 11

322. Rowdey Jordan, New York Mets (Mississippi State)

Round 12

344. Jackson Leath, Texas Rangers (Tennessee)

Round 13

389. Chandler Jozwiak, Miami Marlins (Texas A&M)

Round 14

407. Daniel Lloyd, Baltimore Orioles (South Carolina)

409. Caden Monke, Kansas City Royals (Arkansas)

410. Tyler Ras, Colorado Rockies (Alabama)

419. Holt Jones, Jr., Miami Marlins (Kentucky)

Round 16

476. Julian Bosnic, San Francisco Giants (South Carolina)

Round 17

515. Jayson Gonzalez, Chicago White Sox (Vanderbilt)

Round 18

533. Steven Williams, Washington Nationals (Auburn)

Round 19

560. Elijah Trest, Colorado Rockies (Arkansas)

564. Charlie Welch, Seattle Mariners (Arkansas)

565. Seth Halvorsen, Philadelphia Phillies (Missouri)

573. Dominic Keegan, New York Yankees (Vanderbilt)

581. Sean Hunley, Tampa Bay Rays (Tennessee)