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2024 SEC Women's Basketball Conference Schedule

18 days ago
SEC Staff
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Birmingham, Alabama. -- The 2024 women's basketball schedule has been released by the Southeastern Conference office.

Conference play will begin on Thursday, January 4 and run through Sunday, March 3. The schedule consists of a single round robin (10 games) of home and away with one permanent opponent (2 games) and two rotating opponents (4 games). The permanent opponents are Alabama-Auburn, Arkansas-Missouri, Florida-Georgia, Kentucky-South Carolina, LSU-Texas A&M, Ole Miss-Mississippi State, and Tennessee-Vanderbilt. Each team will play eight home games and eight away games. The rotating opponents change annually. The 2024 season marks the 15th year of the 16-game schedule for women's basketball and the 12th with 14 teams.

The regular season concludes with the 2024 SEC Women's Basketball Tournament being held for the seventh time at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, S.C. The tournament, which will include all 14 teams, begins on Wednesday, March 6 and concludes with the championship game on Sunday, March 10.

The women's basketball television schedule will be announced at a later date, as will times for all games.

Date Opponent
Jan. 4 vs. Ole Miss
Jan. 7 at Missouri
Jan. 11 at Georgia
Jan. 14 vs. Arkansas
Jan. 18 vs. LSU
Jan. 21 at Auburn
Jan. 28 vs. Kentucky
Feb. 1 at Arkansas
Feb. 5 at Vanderbilt
Feb. 8 vs. Tennessee
Feb. 11 at LSU
Feb. 18 vs. Auburn
Feb. 22 at South Carolina
Feb. 25 vs. Mississippi State
Feb. 29 vs. Florida
Mar. 3 at Texas A&M
Date Opponent
Jan. 4 at Kentucky
Jan. 7 vs. Georgia
Jan. 11 vs. Mississippi State
Jan. 14 at Alabama
Jan. 21 at LSU
Jan. 25 vs. Kentucky
Jan. 28 at Missouri
Feb. 1 vs. Alabama
Feb. 4 vs. Auburn
Feb. 8 at Florida
Feb. 12 at Tennessee
Feb. 18 vs. Missouri
Feb. 22 at Texas A&M
Feb. 25 vs. Vanderbilt
Feb. 29 vs. South Carolina
Mar. 3 at Ole Miss
Date Opponent
Jan. 4 vs. Tennessee
Jan. 7 at Texas A&M
Jan. 11 at Ole Miss
Jan. 14 vs. LSU
Jan. 18 at Vanderbilt
Jan. 21 vs. Alabama
Jan. 29 vs. Georgia
Feb. 1 vs. South Carolina
Feb. 4 at Arkansas
Feb. 11 at Missouri
Feb. 15 vs. Kentucky
Feb. 18 at Alabama
Feb. 22 at LSU
Feb. 25 vs. Texas A&M
Feb. 29 vs. Mississippi State
Mar. 3 at Florida
Date Opponent
Jan. 4 vs. South Carolina
Jan. 7 at Vanderbilt
Jan. 11 at Tennessee
Jan. 14 vs. Georgia
Jan. 22 vs. Mississippi State
Jan. 25 at Ole Miss
Jan. 28 vs. Texas A&M
Feb. 4 at LSU
Feb. 8 vs. Arkansas
Feb. 11 at Mississippi State
Feb. 15 vs. Ole Miss
Feb. 18 at Kentucky
Feb. 22 vs. Missouri
Feb. 25 at Georgia
Feb. 29 at Alabama
Mar. 3 vs. Auburn
Date Opponent
Jan. 4 vs. Texas A&M
Jan. 7 at Arkansas
Jan. 11 vs. Alabama
Jan. 14 at Florida
Jan. 18 at Missouri
Jan. 21 vs. Ole Miss
Jan. 29 at Auburn
Feb. 1 vs. Tennessee
Feb. 4 vs. Kentucky
Feb. 8 at Mississippi State
Feb. 11 vs. Vanderbilt
Feb. 18 at South Carolina
Feb. 22 at Ole Miss
Feb. 25 vs. Florida
Feb. 29 vs. LSU
Mar. 3 at Vanderbilt
Date Opponent
Jan. 4 vs. Arkansas
Jan. 7 at Tennessee
Jan. 11 vs. Vanderbilt
Jan. 15 at South Carolina
Jan. 21 vs. Missouri
Jan. 25 at Arkansas
Jan. 28 at Alabama
Feb. 1 vs. Mississippi State
Feb. 4 at Georgia
Feb. 11 vs. Texas A&M
Feb. 15 at Auburn
Feb. 18 vs. Florida
Feb. 22 at Mississippi State
Feb. 25 vs. South Carolina
Feb. 29 vs. Ole Miss
Mar. 3 at LSU
Date Opponent
Jan. 4 vs. Missouri
Jan. 7 at Ole Miss
Jan. 11 vs. Texas A&M
Jan. 14 at Auburn
Jan. 18 at Alabama
Jan. 21 vs. Arkansas
Jan. 25 vs. South Carolina
Jan. 28 at Mississippi State
Feb. 4 vs. Florida
Feb. 8 at Vanderbilt
Feb. 11 vs. Alabama
Feb. 19 at Texas A&M
Feb. 22 vs. Auburn
Feb. 25 at Tennessee
Feb. 29 at Georgia
Mar. 3 vs. Kentucky
Ole Miss
Date Opponent
Jan. 4 at Alabama
Jan. 7 vs. LSU
Jan. 11 vs. Auburn
Jan. 14 at Mississippi State
Jan. 21 at Georgia
Jan. 25 vs. Florida
Jan. 28 vs. Tennessee
Feb. 1 at Vanderbilt
Feb. 4 at South Carolina
Feb. 8 vs. Texas A&M
Feb. 15 at Florida
Feb. 18 vs. Mississippi State
Feb. 22 vs. Georgia
Feb. 26 at Missouri
Feb. 29 at Kentucky
Mar. 3 vs. Arkansas
Mississippi State
Jan. 4 vs. Vanderbilt
Jan. 7 at South Carolina
Jan. 11 at Arkansas
Jan. 14 vs. Ole Miss
Jan. 18 vs. Tennessee
Jan. 22 at Florida
Jan. 28 vs. LSU
Feb. 1 at Kentucky
Feb. 4 at Texas A&M
Feb. 8 vs. Georgia
Feb. 11 vs. Florida
Feb. 18 at Ole Miss
Feb. 22 vs. Kentucky
Feb. 25 at Alabama
Feb. 29 at Auburn
Mar. 3 vs. Missouri
Jan. 4 at LSU
Jan. 7 vs. Alabama
Jan. 11 vs. South Carolina
Jan. 14 at Vanderbilt
Jan. 18 vs. Georgia
Jan. 21 at Kentucky
Jan. 25 vs. Texas A&M
Jan. 28 vs. Arkansas
Feb. 4 at Tennessee
Feb. 8 at South Carolina
Feb. 11 vs. Auburn
Feb. 18 at Arkansas
Feb. 22 at Florida
Feb. 26 vs. Ole Miss
Feb. 29 vs. Vanderbilt
Mar. 3 at Mississippi State
South Carolina
Jan. 4 at Florida
Jan. 7 vs. Mississippi State
Jan. 11 at Missouri
Jan. 15 vs. Kentucky
Jan. 21 at Texas A&M
Jan. 25 at LSU
Jan. 28 vs. Vanderbilt
Feb. 1 at Auburn
Feb. 4 vs. Ole Miss
Feb. 8 vs. Missouri
Feb. 15 at Tennessee
Feb. 18 vs. Georgia
Feb. 22 vs. Alabama
Feb. 25 at Kentucky
Feb. 29 at Arkansas
Mar. 3 vs. Tennessee
Jan. 4 at Auburn
Jan. 7 vs. Kentucky
Jan. 11 vs. Florida
Jan. 14 at Texas A&M
Jan. 18 at Mississippi State
Jan. 21 vs. Vanderbilt
Jan. 28 at Ole Miss
Feb. 1 at Georgia
Feb. 4 vs. Missouri
Feb. 8 at Alabama
Feb. 12 vs. Arkansas
Feb. 15 vs. South Carolina
Feb. 18 at Vanderbilt
Feb. 25 vs. LSU
Feb. 29 vs. Texas A&M
Mar. 3 at South Carolina
Texas A&M
Jan. 4 at Georgia
Jan. 7 vs. Auburn
Jan. 11 at LSU
Jan. 14 vs. Tennessee
Jan. 21 vs. South Carolina
Jan. 25 at Missouri
Jan. 28 at Florida
Feb. 4 vs. Mississippi State
Feb. 8 at Ole Miss
Feb. 11 at Kentucky
Feb. 15 vs. Vanderbilt
Feb. 19 vs. LSU
Feb. 22 vs. Arkansas
Feb. 25 at Auburn
Feb. 29 at Tennessee
Mar. 3 vs. Alabama
Jan. 4 at Mississippi State
Jan. 7 vs. Florida
Jan. 11 at Kentucky
Jan. 14 vs. Missouri
Jan. 18 vs. Auburn
Jan. 21 at Tennessee
Jan. 28 at South Carolina
Feb. 1 vs. Ole Miss
Feb. 5 vs. Alabama
Feb. 8 vs. LSU
Feb. 11 at Georgia
Feb. 15 at Texas A&M
Feb. 18 vs. Tennessee
Feb. 25 at Arkansas
Feb. 29 at Missouri
Mar. 3 vs. Georgia